June 23, 2009

Show & Tell: Henry

Here is yet another post unrelated to pop culture, but I so enjoyed Heidi's post about her kitty, Dizzy, over at her Gold Country Girls blog, that I felt inspired to share with you MY late Tonkinese cat, Henry.

Gosh, I guess it's been about a decade now, since we lost him to kidney failure. That was very hard. We actually had to have him put to sleep, after he had been through all that the doctors could do for him. And, I think, that was the most DIFFICULT thing I've had to do in my life. If you have ever owned pets, odds are that you probably know what it feels like. I'll never forget how paralyzed I felt when I was trying to sign the release form authorizing Henry's euthanasia...

Henry, in the thick of it all!

In case you aren't sure what a Tonkinese cat is, it's a Siamese/Burmese cross-breed. I much prefer it over a normal Siamese because Henry did not have the typical eyes that they do. His were the same pretty, light blue, but they did not look crossed. I was so glad about that since I've always thought that the cross-eyed ones look really DUMB! (Sorry, if you have one. I'm sure that yours is just lovely.)

I can remember Henry's coat being VERY soft, which made it especially nice whenever you held him. And I miss how you can usually hold a cat in the same manner as you would a baby, cradled in your arms. Every once in a while, I attempt to hold Mr. Scoots that way, but he wants NO part of it! Oh, well...

I asked Tommy what quirky things he remembers about Henry, and he mentioned how, at Christmas time, Henry absolutely loved to lay under the glowing tree for hours in an almost trance-like state. While under there, he also enjoyed selecting one particular hanging ornament (usually something irreplaceable) to bat at, and then eventually squirrel away with to nibble on!

Tommy & Henry, caught playing
their reindeer games!

Oh, to be a cat... Wouldn't that be nice?

I'd like to have a cat again, someday. I love Mr. Scoots, but there's just something about having a cat for a pet that is sooo different from a dog. And vice versa, of course! Even if we did get another cat, I doubt that we'd ever find another one as SPECIAL as our Henry was!


  1. Henry was a gorgeousss cat!Wow...those eyes!!!
    This tribute warms my beating heart Anthony...although we can't ever replace him, hope you'll have/adopt another beautiful pet one day!
    ~XO* Darling!

  2. I love cats too. They are so "themselves"...dogs are a bit more loyal, but they're never gonna be as "sexy" and subtle as cats are. See ya Anthony!

    p.s. When are you gonna submit again for our pcfp? Your submission was my favourite on Tikimama's blog. Check mine Today!

  3. Henry was so darn handsome! Those eyes are magnetic! I can see how it was that you loved him so much. I'm thinking you should get another.:)

    I am a dog lady myself; I have two Maltese, but I think if you love animals, you love all of them.

    Ya know when I got my first puppy, Marelli, I instantly had this fear of what if he gets sick and I lose him. Yeah, so me, the true pessimist. I also thought I would not want another one, thinking there was no way I could love it as much as I did Marelli. (I thought this about kids also):) it's a great life lesson, love increases... It's amazing how they each have such unique personality, just like people.

    Anthony, you are such a neat guy!!! I just love ya!

  4. Anthony darrrling,
    How you made laugh so hard with your witty comment! Coffee almost sprayed out from my nostrils like an elephant! Whahaha..TOTO will always be in my heart... You are special too...errr close 2nd to TOTO?!

  5. Lenore, thank you! Henry WAS quite handsome, and with those eyes he had, it was real easy falling prey to his hypnotic spell.

    Maybe, someday we'll get another kitty-kat. Depends more on Tommy's allergies, than anything else. Well, that, AND Mr. Scoots! He's a sensitive little dog who barks and growls at all of the cats in our neighborhood. So, I'm pretty sure he would NOT like a roommate of the feline persuasion!

  6. Hey, Veronica!
    You are SO right about a kind of sexiness and subtlety that cats have. They are supreme beings of leisure!

    I keep meaning to join the PCFP gang, once again, but I just can't seem to find the time these days. :(

    I will certainly check out your latest submission. Yours are always good! But, then, you ARE a professional artist and all...

  7. Six, I thank you on Henry's behalf for the adoring compliments. He would've been most flattered!

    I agree that if you're a true animal lover, you just can't help but love ALL animals. And, yes, each one definitely has their own unique personality. They're usually chock full of unconditional love, too!

    Since you mentioned it in your comment, I have to ask... DO you have kids?

  8. Lenore, the TOTO jokes pretty much write themselves, but thank you just the same!

    Btw, when is all of your whirl-wind traveling going to be over? You're not extending your stay for TOTO, are you?!

  9. Henry! I love looking at pictures of his soft handsomeness. He had such a way about him, I don't know how any other cat could ever live up to that. He was so gentle and calm. But maybe someday we can find another kitty that would work well with our family. :)

  10. Tommy, you know that I wouldn't even WANT to try and replace Henry. He's still very alive in our hearts & minds!

    But a much different cat would be nice to adopt, someday...

  11. HENRY!!! oh, i wish had known him. i love all things kittay, and he sounds like he was so special. and sorry, but i am relieved he was not cross-eyed. ahhahahahahhahah.

    i have two kitties that are getting on in years. i will lose my mind when they go, but that grief is worth it for all the happiness they bring me.

    GO KITTIES! kitties for life. i love kitties.

  12. Kitties RULE, drollgirl!

    I hope that you have MANY more years with yours, but I agree that the grief we must deal with once they're gone IS totally worth it because of how much they enrich our lives.

    Kitties are GO!

  13. Hey Anthony, So sorry to hear about your cat. Henry looks like he was equal parts adorable and smart. I have a sweet kitty named Bellflower who I hate to think of losing someday. They really work there way into our hearts, that's for sure.
    Also, I wanted to leave you a comment to let you know I accidentally deleted two comments from my blog and one of them was from you. Sooo very sorry - my dumb mistake, and I couldn't get it to come back. I wrote more about it in "Comments" following my post.

    Anyway, your blog is great and looks to be full of the kind of stuff I love, too. I will visit here often! Thanks!

  14. Love the pic of Henry in the newspaper strips the best. He looked like a gorgeous cat!

    Btw, I've had a look at a few of Tommy's links - he seems incredibly talented. I must look more - the skelebunnies intrigue me! :)

  15. Thank you, Kevin!
    Henry was, indeed, a very smart feline fellow.
    Bellflower is a neat kitty name. Am I right in assuming that it is a "she"? I also get the feeling that you named her/him after something Disney related. Don't know why I'd think that... :)

    Also, I responded (on your blog) to your explanation regarding the "technical difficulties" with your latest posting. Ain't these newfangled, electronic writing contraptions fun?!

  16. Howdy, MoonDoggie!
    That shot of Henry buried in the news strips is one of MY faves, too! He has that mischievous sparkle in his eye...

    THANK YOU for the kind feedback on Tommy's artwork! I will pass it along to him, and he will be happy to hear it.

  17. Oh, Henry the gentleman cat! What a special kitty he was.

  18. Hey, Jules!
    Henry WAS gentlemanly, and very special. I'm glad that you knew him back-in-the-day.

    How are Tenny and Cleo doing?

  19. Oh, Anthony - Henry was such a BEAUTIFUL cat! When Dizzy was sick I swear I was a basket case. We thought he was going to die and I couldn't bear it. I have loved cats all of my life, but he is the most special, and the one I've had the longest and felt closest to. I know if I ever have another, the "relationship" won't be the same. I'm so sorry that you guys lost Henry - it's lovely to have the memories and photographs, though - yes?

  20. Yes, Heidi, it IS nice to have the photos and memories...

    Like they say, "'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."


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