June 9, 2009

Movie Moments: Disney-Pixar's 'Up'

All photos from Disney-Pixar's 'Up'

Yay, I finally got to see 'Up', Disney and Pixar's latest collaboration! And it was REALLY good! Of course, that came as no surprise. Everything that they do is top-notch quality and a whole lotta FUN! I saw it in 3D, too. Not sure if you can see it without...?

Anyway, it's got a wonderful story (My author husband said afterward that he was impressed with the screen writer's ability to formulate a story that encompassed so much and evoked such emotion.), terrific animation, awesome sound, VIBRANT colors and excellent characters. What more could one want from a cartoon movie?!

The story begins to take flight!

Old fuddy-duddy, Carl Fredricksen.

Perpetual optimist, Russell.

Ever faithful & furry, Dug.

Here is the official movie synopsis from Disney ~

"a comedy adventure about 78-year-old balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen, who finally fulfills his lifelong dream of a great adventure when he ties thousands of balloons to his house and flies away to the wilds of South America. But he discovers all too late that his biggest nightmare has stowed away on the trip: an overly optimistic 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer named Russell."

And if I told you any MORE than that, I'd surely ruin it for you. So, do yourself a favor and see this film. Unless you're a curmudgeon like the story's protagonist Carl, it will most certainly BRIGHTEN your day!

Amusing & colorful, 13-foot-tall Kevin.


  1. OOOooo I'd like to see this.
    I saw Coraline in 3D recently and thought that was great.

  2. Oh, I wanted to see 'Coraline' in the theatre, but somehow never made it. Darn it!
    I think that you'll really enjoy 'Up'. I highly recommend it! Could you tell?

  3. i can't wait to see it!!! every pixar movie i have seen has just been fabulous!

  4. Yes, drollgirl, they've ALL been good! The talent working for Pixar is truly amazing.

    Loved your porn post, btw! Did you see that I participated?

  5. Anthony, shame on you for participating in drollgirl's dirty, dirty porn!

    Pixar is amazing. Everything they do is gold. It's wonderful to be swept away by the visuals, but still have thoughtful storylines.

    Haven't seen this yet, but SOOON I hope! Of course, in a few months, it will be on DVD in my house, and I will get to see it (read: listen to it from the other room as I am on the computer, as I am now hearing a VeggieTales movie) on a daily basis.

  6. 'Veggie Tales', Tikimama? Really?! Ugh... Please, at least tell me that you have NOT allowed your girls to watch any 'Olsen Twins' videos! If so, you may now consider them completely brainwashed.

    Btw, re-naming movies for porn is FUN! You should take a stab at it. Did you also happen to see drollgirl's Pasties/Pastries post? Yummy...


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