June 2, 2009

A Boy's Toy Joy: The Fisher-Price Musical Ferris Wheel

Photo by Allison Jones

It is time, once again, for me to reflect on another one of my favorite childhood toys. Today, I am talking about the Fisher-Price Musical Ferris Wheel!

This toy was MAGICAL. Not only did it play music when you wound it up, its wheel also spun around, and around, and around as the "mad boy" cranked it! AND you could put your Fisher-Price Little People (Even the dog!) in the chairs so they could go for a ride! You'd have to ask my mom, but I'm pretty sure that this toy had the power to entrance and almost HYPNOTIZE me. Even today, if I just think about it, I can still hear the tune it played, 'In the Good Old Summertime'. It was such a cheerful little song!

Photo by Raya

As I've mentioned in at least one other post, I LOVE to collect the toys that I can remember having enjoyed the most when I was a child. It's sort of my way of recapturing the innocence of my youth, I guess. Maybe, that's the basic reason why, as an adult, I still enjoy toys in general? Of course, I also just like having fun... Whatever the reason may be, toys, especially the best from my childhood, make me HAPPY!

Photo by Raya

Hopefully, one day I will own this toy again. Yes, I know that I could buy one on eBay or from any number of other vintage toy retailers, BUT it must be just right! I cannot accept just ANY old Fisher-Price Musical Ferris Wheel... It must be absolutely perfect, or as perfect as it could possibly be for a vintage toy. I'm very persnickety when it comes to these things, what can I say? It's most likely psychological, same as with the whole "recapturing the innocence of my youth" thing. At least, I'm aware of this "problem". And isn't THAT the first step to recovery?


  1. Not seen this one before but it looks lovely. I love the pictures.

  2. Yes, aren't those photos great, MoonDoggie?! Wish I had shot them so that I could take the credit!

  3. Yes, you are indeed persnickety! But in an adorable, detail-oriented way. Wish I could find an absolutely perfect one of these for you. It always seems like the ones I see on ebay are missing some of the decals, or damaged slightly or something. That's so nice of them to make sure the dog could ride, too!

  4. Sometimes, it pays to be so persnickety, Tommy! I married you, didn't I?
    And, yes, I would love it if you could also be my "toy hero", but nobody's perfect! Not even me... if you can believe it.

  5. Ooooh, I love this toy! Never had it as a kid, and it's not in my FP collection...yet. Luckily for me, I'm not as persnickety as you are!

    That last photo has a real dreamy quality...beautiful.

    My verification word was....acrutwax!

  6. Say, what?! I guess that's an item you are supposed to use in order to wax your acrut, Tikimama... You DO have an acrut, don't you? I don't know anyone who doesn't!
    Yeah, I was quite happy with the Ferris Wheel pics I found for this post, too. Makes me want to take some of my own toy photographs!

  7. I love toys from my childhood, too. I'm not sure I remember having a lot of Fisher Price, but I seem to remember a spinning top, and our friends had the little roll-along telephone with the face - I loved that thing!
    But what I really, really want are vintage Barbies!

  8. Oh, yeah, the telephone! I'd almost forgotten about that one, Heidi. Didn't its eyes move back & forth when you pulled it? Really cute face, too!
    Can't say that I share your Barbie craving. I AM a guy, after all! The ONLY doll that I ever played with was one my grandma, Gong Gong, kept at her house. And I really just slept with it, like a security blanket or something. Don't know what ever happened to that doll...

  9. I am always going to thrift shops, Goodwill's, etc., I'll keep my eyes open for one in mint condition. You do know how hard that will be, don't you? :) After all, how many kids had one and didn't play with it!? :) You never know though, the strangest things show up at these stores.

    I'm the same way, Anthony, about finding things from my youth. I am a sucker for anything, doesn't have to be toys. I am different though, I can't stand things in perfect condition; I like things that are worn, scratched and chipped. I wonder what that says about me? :) When I make a quilt, I will intentionally turn something upside down or do something so that it's not perfect. Strange I guess? I just love this about people, that we are all so different and that makes the world a wonderful and interesting place.

    Seriously, I will keep my eyes peeled for this little gem, and if I do by some miracle find one, it's all yours!


  10. Why, thank you, Sixpence! If you ever DID find one, I would most certainly pay you back! And I don't really need it to be mint... just slightly played with. But I won't be holding my breath! Nice of you to keep it in mind, though!

    I don't prefer ALL things to be perfect, in case you were assuming that. I guess that I AM a perfectionist by nature, but I'm a realist, too! Especially when it comes to people. They are always more interesting when a little rough around the edges. And who isn't, really?
    Some material things are way better with a bit of wear & tear, as well. Like, I would way more prefer to live in an old house that has character, than to live in some modern tract home. There are other things, too. Antiques are a good example. While worn and used, it's fun to wonder what stories they could tell...
    I don't know, I'm a study of contradictions, I guess.

    Oh, no! I've done it again! I just can't seem to keep my comments very brief with you. Well, you DID say that you actually liked reading lengthy ones, right?


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