June 19, 2009

Freak Show Friday: Marilyn Manson

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O.K., this guy WANTS us to think he's a freak. That's his whole shtick. And, clearly, it IS working for him. But I, for one, am not buying it! It all just seems soooo forced to me. I guess that on some level I do appreciate his theatrics. I mean, there is no denying that he's a pretty dynamic performer, albeit a little disturbing at times... But I find him coming across as way too desperate, like he's always saying "Look at ME, I'm f*ckin' CRAY-ZEE and sh*t!" He just proves that you gotta have a gimmick.

Photo via Google Image Search

Umm, Marilyn? Do you know where those
fingers have been?

'The Golden Age 1' photo by Gottfried Helnwein

Mommy, I don't like Mickey Mouse
anymore... He scares me!

As far as Mr. Manson's talent as a singer, I'm NOT that impressed. The only real exposure to it that I get is when my husband Tommy plays one of his CDs. I certainly don't CHOOSE to listen to it! And most every time, I bark at him like an old biddy to "turn down that racket!"

Photo via Google Image Search

Well, what do we have here?! It looks like yet
another ringmaster wants to conduct my circus...

Have a nice weekend, everyone! I hope you can "get your FREAK on"! Or, at least have fun trying!


  1. Hello 'Mickey Mouse'...should have that image for the next Disney campaign no?! would look great to Snow White...priceless!

  2. I really liked his Mechanical Animals albums.
    Some of his others - not so much/at all.

    I also agree the freak thing is deliberate. I heard him being interviewed once and remember thinking that he seemed very intelligent.

    Your captions are always hilarious :D

  3. Lenore, black people might not appreciate it if Disney used such an image... Although, have you heard about Disney's upcoming new take on 'The Princess and the Frog'? It has a black girl as the princess, but it's NOT Marilyn Manson! He might could pass as the frog, though!

  4. Thanks, MoonDoggie! Glad you enjoy the captions. I certainly have fun with them!

    You're right, Manson IS quite intelligent. And he definitely knows what he's doing when it comes to self-promotion!
    I must admit, I HAVE liked a Marilyn Manson song or two. Just couldn't take listening to a whole album in one sitting!

  5. i am totally with you on this! he has an interesting look, but he is rather annoying as a person. and his music is decidedly weak. i know hard core music, and he is nowhere near it. :)

    hope you have a great weekend!!! :)

  6. Hey, drollgirl!
    Yeah, it's kinda like his music should only be released on a 'Now, That's What My Mom Calls Hard Rock! #26' compilation CD.

    I hope the doctor finds a cure for your boredom, this weekend!

  7. Did I ever tell you about when we (skeptictank, our wannabe '90s punk/ska/core band) had, the very day after, the backstage room where Marilyn Manson and his entourage were sequestered, in Park City, Utah?

    It was weirdly normal.

    Brian Warner is a total fraud, and I can say this because his backstage room was totally devoid of fæces. Wussy.

  8. Seems moderately contrived to me. I bet he hangs in chinos and polo shirts at home. And reads Robb Report.

  9. Matt! How nice of you to stop in! You really should come by more often...

    So, Manson and his peeps were "sequestered"? What for? I thought that only court jurors got sequestered until they could reach a verdict.

    Btw, am I to understand that Skeptictank are NOT wussies, and therefore went about spreading joy and feces all over every nook and cranny of said backstage room?

  10. Life With Dogs, don't forget about the sweats and Crocs he probably wears, too! And you know he's gotta be doing some crosswords, right about now...

  11. "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" is my favorite Manson video, because it's totally goofy, with him writhing around naked and making faces. And I agree with MoonDoggie that "Mechanical Animals" was the best album, and things got pretty blah after that. Still, I'd rather watch Marilyn Manson than even 5 seconds of American Idol!

  12. Yeah, Tommy, American Idol does suck! But I do give kudos to Adam Lambert for coming out of his glam-rock-outfitted closet. More gay celebrities should follow suit!

    I will have to see that Manson video. Sounds entertaining, if he's really being that goofy. Don't care to see that much of his writhing naked body, though! Yuckers!

  13. aww, you've got a husband?
    that made me like your blog a thousand times more! :)
    you write very enjoyably and its pleasant reading your texts. keep on blogging cus youve got yourself a reader!

  14. Thank you for the kind feedback, V!
    I'm glad that you're enjoying my circus, and the fact that I have a husband. The latter makes me sorta happy, too! ;)


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