June 5, 2009

Freak Show Friday: Michael Jackson

Photo via shamelesshype.com

I can't think of ANYTHING to say about Michael Jackson that hasn't already been said a thousand times, elsewhere. So, I will instead let these photos speak for themselves. Or, I might just say a little something...

Photo via Sally Swift's blog, Daily Sally

What the HELL?

Photo via forgottenjournal.com

Something tells me Michael didn't just
cut himself while shaving!

Photo via Chicago Tribune

Now, WHAT was wrong with this, Michael?
It was 1979 and you were a young, attractive
"Afro"- American man.

Photo via thegreenhead.com

YIKES! You can have all the candy you
want, Michael, just don't take my boy!

That last one is just a Halloween mask, although it's NOT very far from reality!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Make sure to "pop" in every once in a while to see the latest act!


  1. I think he is a sad and lonely person. Just goes to show that money and fame can't fix all things. I wonder how he would look had he not all that work done? One would think with all the money he had and access to the best plastic surgeons in the world, he would look much better. I've noticed a couple of Hollywood women lately, who I have always thought to be beautiful women and they are beginning to look like they have cardboard behind their skin. I don't know. If I lived in their world maybe I would do the same? I sure can't say I wouldn't, I don't think I would - being more of a naturalist - but one never knows what one would do until they walk a mile in another person's shoes.

  2. Hey, Six!
    Yes, I actually do feel kind of sorry for him. Not much, though, mainly because of all the alleged child molestation (Where there's smoke...).
    He is OBVIOUSLY screwed-up in the head, and for that, he gets my sympathy. But when it comes to little boys and "Jesus Juice", he has GOT to know it's WRONG on some level!
    As far as plastic surgery in general, I know that I would never have it done. It's just too slipery of a slope. It'll start with just a few injections of Botox or a slight eye-lift, and before you know it, you're looking like Lon Chaney in 'Phantom of the Opera'! No, thank you!

  3. Well, that entire family is strange. I hope he never abused a child in any way, but you may be right about the 'smoke and fire', and if that is the case, it's horrible!!!!

    As for the plastic surgery, I'll never do it either. But those people live and think very differently than I do.:) I saw Marie Osmond on something the other night; you could tell she had had something done. She didn't look pretty at all.:( Unfortunately, we are all aging by the day and I think it looks much better to age naturally. I don't even buy commercial lotions and creams, all pure and natural oils for me.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Ya gotta wonder what it's like for his three kids! Do they just play quietly so as not to rile "Dad"? Do they realize, as they get older, what an odd duck their father is?

  5. Look at you, Six! Nothing but nature's very best for you... And that'll probably be what keeps you looking younger LONGER than the rest of us!

    Julie, I shudder at the thought of having Wacko Jacko for a dad! What must he get for Father's Day?

  6. I think that Halloween "mask" is actually his real face, minus the bandages. Bobby Trendy & Michael Jackson are perfect starters for Freakshow Friday. Oh- and I think those kids MUST realize their "dad" is a total nutjob.

  7. Yeah, Tommy, I agree that those kids have GOT to know their "dad" is a nutjob. I just hope he's not doing a job on their nuts! Well, 2 of the 3 kids, anyway.

  8. Hey, drollgirl! That mask sells for only $40 at most online shops. I'm sure that he doesn't, but I'd want to be certain that Jacko does NOT get any portion of the proceeds before I bought one!
    Thanks for stopping by! I've really enjoyed what little I've seen of YOUR blog! I fully intend to peruse it further...

  9. i am back again looking at that mask!!!!!!!!!!! i think i might just have to do it. i never do anything on halloween (LOSER!), but maybe i could just hang it on my wall for funzies.

    and thank you for coming around my blog (ew, that sounds icky!). i will be here all the time commenting, as you/your blog are my kind of thing. :)

  10. Right on, drollgirl!
    Maybe, if you get it, you could post a photo of yourself wearing the mask? That would be funny AND you could maintain anonymity!

  11. Once again, I saw this post the moment you put it up, left it up in my browser until I could recover from the shock of looking at his hideous face and think of something clever to say...you can see how well that turned out!

    M.J. just plain ol' gives me the creeps.

  12. Yeah, he's a walking horror show, Tikimama! In fact, I just realized that he's very close to looking like he did as a zombie in his 'Thriller' video. He could do that again, now, without all the makeup!

  13. oops i genuinely thought that the mask was his real face RIP getting to sleep tonight


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