April 29, 2015

SOUND + VISION: 'Ghost Town' by Adam Lambert

You all remember Adam Lambert, right? He was the runner-up on the 8th season of American Idol in 2009. Well, he's done quite nicely for himself ever since, having released 2 studio albums (about to release his 3rd this coming June, titled 'The Original High') and having toured as the lead singer for Queen.

This music video is for the first pop single from that much anticipated 3rd studio album and it's called 'Ghost Town'. It's an interesting combination of slow, pensive lyrics and a thumping dance floor beat during the catchy chorus. It's really fun, check it out!

P.S. - No, you're not imagining things... Madonna ALSO has a single and video out now that goes by the same name, but I assure you it's merely coincidence. An odd coincidence, but coincidence just the same.

April 27, 2015


My friend Matt was over the other day and suggested that we watch a fun, campy show that he had recently discovered via the internet (or something like that). The show is called 'Danger 5', and it is really fresh, funny, and different. Here's a little background on the project: 'Danger 5' is an Australian action-comedy series which first premiered on an Australian national public television network back on February 27, 2012. It's a bizarre 1960s interpretation of World War II that follows a group of five international spies on a mission to kill Adolph Hitler. And that's only where the hilarity begins because the show is just so chock-full of oddity (clearly influenced by the world of Sid and Marty Kroft) that you're sure to be simultaneously laughing AND scratching your head in a "WTF is going on here?" sorta way.

To give you an example of just how kooky things get, here's an official plot synopsis of one of the episodes titled 'Lizard Soldiers of The Third Reich':

American GIs are being decimated by Nazi dinosaurs all over the Western front. Danger 5 heads to Belgium to investigate and has a series of close shaves with a trigger-happy Triceratops and a perverted Nazi Pterodactyl. Claire discovers that the dinosaurs have all been implanted with a mysterious type of crystal, native to Antarctica and Danger 5 embark on a journey to the South Pole. Antarctica proves to be a lost plateau of prehistoric wonder where Danger 5 encounter the bizarre Dr. Josef Mengele and his sinister volcano base filled with Nazi dinosaur minions.

Does THAT give you a clear enough idea of the silliness level they're operating on? Speaking of silly, you should see the guy that portrays Hitler. Well, here you go, take a look below...

And here are yet some more stills from the crazy show...

Trigger-happy Triceratops

Here's aiming at you, kid!

Leader of the '5', known as Chestbridge (or "The Colonel")

Don't ask me! I haven't seen this episode yet...

Clearly, a Nazi Dog.

Clearly, a Nazi Nun?


Last, but not least, here's a promotional shot of our intrepid '5'.
L to R - Jackson, Pierre, Claire, Ilsa, and Tucker

Now, if any of that has you intrigued, you should be able to find 'Danger 5' on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy it, I sure have!

April 19, 2015

Movie Moments: 'Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away'

Do you like Cirque du Soleil? I sure do. In fact, I've seen about 3 of their LIVE touring shows as well as this here beautiful movie. I know that's not really very much, but, then again, I didn't say I was a full-on Cirque FANATIC. I guess that you'd say I'm more of an average, casual fan. At any rate, the bottom line is I really enjoy their shows. I mean, talk about your eye-candy! Cirque has it in spades! However, if you're not very familiar with this mystical world of colorful theatrics and extraordinary talents, 'Worlds Away' is just the perfect place for you to start.

You see, the story simply begins with a pretty young lady who's entranced by an aerialist at the circus. Then, just when she has seemingly befriended the flying young man, they suddenly fall into the dreamlike universe of Cirque du Soleil and are separated. Then they must travel through the many different tent worlds to try and find each other. And that's how the viewer gets a perfect sampling of what Cirque is all about because each tent represents a different one of their themed LIVE shows. But by no means are ALL of their shows displayed because, to date, they've expanded to more than 19! And about 5 of them, alone, are currently showing in different places around Las Vegas. It's really quite a phenomenon, if you ask me.

Did I happen to mention that there are NO animal acts involved? None in the movie and none in ANY of their shows. It's nice and refreshing, not to mention a lot more humane. Anyway, I enjoyed 'Worlds Away' quite a lot. It really captures the wonder and spectacle that is Cirque du Soleil. However, just know that seeing it on screen (or your TV) is NOTHING at all like the excitement you get seeing it LIVE. Even though when it was being shown in theatres it was presented in 3D, it just couldn't possibly compare to the LIVE experience. So if you ever get the opportunity to see one of the shows, grab it! You won't be sorry. But in the meantime, check out this film; it's absolutely magnificent.

April 16, 2015

Coming Attraction: 'Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens'

Here it is!! The long awaited 2nd movie trailer for 'Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens' is finally here for our eager eyes, and it looks SO good! Lots of exciting things take place within. Go ahead, take a look... You know you want to.

Long time... No blog.

It was officially 2 years, last month, since I last posted ANYTHING at all here. Can you believe that?! Well, I'm sure that you can if you happened to pop into the tent at all in the last 24 months only to find that the circus was dark. So, "Why?" you ask. I wish I knew an easy answer to that. But I guess the simplest answer would have to be that I pretty much just burned-out on the whole blogging thing. And if I don't feel a passion for something, I really DON'T want to do it. You know? Plus, I'm sure that my clinical depression hasn't helped either. However, now I am happy to report that the passion I once had HAS returned! And I'm ready to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! (Cher?)

So know that if you're reading this here lil' post, and you haven't completely given up on me, there'll be MANY, MANY more to follow. See you soon...

Ringmaster Anthony

P.S. - Like the NEW light-up sign? I had it made custom for me, and I must say it really is helping with motivation! It just makes me HAPPY whenever I see it. Thanks again, Anjanette at American Vintage Designs!
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