February 25, 2011

My 100th Post Give-Away Celebration! (CLOSED)

Wow! 100 posts, already? Doesn't seem possible on one hand, but on the other it's like, "What the hell took ya so long?!" I started up this li'l circus back in 2009 just as a sort of experiment, so I really am kind of amazed that I've kept it running this long. Don't get me wrong, I love doing it. I always have. It's just that it isn't always as easy for me to whip out a post as it is for the next guy (or gal), mainly due to my ADD, but also because I lack confidence in my writing ability. That's why my posts tend to be short and sweet. But I will say that since I started blogging 100 posts ago, it HAS helped to boost my self-confidence and feeling of self-worth like nothing else. Blogging gives us a "voice" in this crazy world we live in, and in a way, even a sense of place. You know? Like, I always enjoy spending time at my circus; I feel that I belong here. And when people who visit happen to enjoy something enough to leave a comment, it's like icing on the cake. In other words, I plan to keep on bloggin'... at least for another 100 posts!

Now, to the FUN part... the GIVE-AWAY! Of course, if it were not for the wonderful, kind, and totally awesome people who I lovingly refer to as my Captivated Spectators, I'm sure that I would've given up on all of this, completely discouraged. But most of you, at some point or another, have left me such great comments and positive feedback. And many even continue to do so on a regular basis! So I'd like to thank you by giving a little something back. Unfortunately, I really do mean "a little something" because, let's face it, times are TOUGH! However, I did pick something whimsical and fun... Take a look, below.


The official WINNER of the drawing will get both plates, (1) Mr. Food Face and (1) Ms. Food Face, as well as total permission to PLAY WITH THEIR FOOD! Hee!

  • Only one entry per person.
  • Entry must be submitted as your name and email address sent to onefunant@yahoo.com with the Subject line titled, 'Pop Circus Give-Away'. If selected, you will be contacted via email and a shipping address can then be given.
  • All entrants must also be official followers (or Captivated Spectators) of Pop Circus. So if you're not already, make sure to become one, or your entry will be invalid.
  • All entries must be received by 11:59pm PST on Sunday, February 27th. 

Thanks, again! And good luck, everyone! Remember, there'll only be ONE winner, so make sure to get your entries in! I'll divulge who the winner is on Monday, February 28th, unless of course it turns out to be YOU in which case you'll be notified sooner via email from li'l ole me. Bye, bye!

February 22, 2011

"Bras and panties and briefs, oh my!"

Hey, everyone, it's time for a party! And the attire for this shindig is nothing but your skivvies, so if you'd like to peel everything else off and join the fun, go right ahead! Though, you might want to draw your blinds and curtains first...

These old ads for men's and women's unmentionables are quite a hoot to look back on nowadays. However, not only good for a hearty chuckle, they're also interesting examples of classic advertising methods. Come take a look, won't you?...

Something tells me these three
just participated in something
completely satisfying.

Ooh, la la!

See, no matter how badly you
want to rip those shorts off of
another man, you can't tear the fly!

I can't believe that's not a
vagina stitched onto the front...

Men, hide your dix
in Globe-tailored Slix!

Just place them, press them
and forget them? I'd love to
see that lady play an entire
game of tennis with those
booby cups on...

No equal for... GAY.

"Stick 'em up... and WAY out!"

Well, if it isn't a million he's feeling like,
he's obviously feeling "something"
quite special...

Now, wouldn't you say this is
taking Casual Friday just a
little too far?

That about does it for this Pantie Party, or Skivvy Soiree. I hope you all had fun! And don't forget to put your clothes back on BEFORE you re-open those blinds and curtains, unless you enjoy that sort of thing...

~ All images taken from the postcard books, 'Brief Encounters: Men's Underwear in the Classic Age of Advertising' and 'Brief Encounters: Women's Underwear in the Classic Age of Advertising'. Both published by Prion Books Limited, London. ~

February 15, 2011

I just didn't Ga-ga-get it!

Okay. First of all, let it be known that I am a BIG Lady Gaga fan. And up until Sunday night's Grammy performance I pretty much thought she could do NO wrong... But then she arrived in that giant egg, ala Mork from Ork ("Come in, Orson"). However, I will admit that I was just as intrigued as everyone else was by the elaborate stunt. I mean, that WAS a pretty great way to make an entrance! It did beg all sorts of questions, though. Everything from like, how did she get in there? And, how is she breathing? To, what if Gaga's gotta poo-poo? Surely, her team thought of such things ahead of time and took the necessary precautions. Right? Let's hope so.

What?! I do NOT get the hat.

When it finally came time for "Gegga" to hatch, I felt it was a bit anticlimactic. At some point between the time she'd made her grand entrance and when she appeared onstage, Gaga obviously traded in her previous mode of transport for one with dramatic, interior track lighting and a sliding moon roof. Thereby allowing her smooth "eggs-it" and transition into her number, 'Born This Way'. But when she stepped out, WHAT was with the big yellow hat?? I expected Curious George to come crawling out after her! And the Madonna 'Blonde Ambition' ponytail... Puh-lease! She sure worked THAT into the dance choreography! I swear, she swung that tail around so hard and so often that I thought for sure it was gonna fly off and hit Aretha Franklin in the face! And she wasn't even there!!

Ugh, that ponytail...

I must say, the Lady has a pretty slammin' body, and it was quite evident thanks to her tight, barely-there, latex wardrobe. But WHY did she (and all of her dancers) have to sport that weird, pointy, body modification look? The sharp shoulders and jagged facial features just seemed over-the-top to me. And besides, isn't 'Born This Way' supposed to be an anthem about being proud of WHO and WHAT you REALLY are? The way you were BORN, not the way you try and MAKE yourself for whatever reason? Don't get me wrong, I'm ALL for creativity and drama. That's what drew me to the Lady in the first place! It's just that I think she's sending out mixed messages, here, with this one. You know?

Love those glass pipes, but what's with the multiple
heads on the organ? Again, with the mixed messages...

When it was all sung and done, I couldn't help feeling like Gaga had phoned the whole thing in. The performance just hadn't seemed Grammys-worthy to me. And after having shown up in an EGG, I think lots of people were probably expecting something a bit more FANTASTIC. Overall, I'd say this egg turned out to be pretty rotten!

~ All photos via Google Images ~

February 11, 2011

Retro Book Fair: 'Vision - How, Why, and What We See'

Hello, all! I know that it's been quite a while since I've written a legitimate post, so I thank you for your patience and loyalty. You know how life can be sometimes... It can really make it hard for us ADD afflicted to focus on ANYTHING, let alone a blog! But enough about that!

I'm excited to share with you a new (old) children's book that I recently got at a local used bookstore. The book is titled, 'Vision - How, Why and What We See' and it is one in a series of books called the 'Golden Library of Knowledge'. 'Vision' was printed in 1962, and I think the charming illustrations (by Weimer Pursell) depict that. Here, take a look at some of them, beginning with the book's cover...

I really dig this cover!
The combination of the colors used
and the stylization of the image make
it very pleasing to the "eye".

Outer organs of the eye serve a primarily
protective purpose.

The convergence of the telephone lines, the decreasing
size of the poles, and the haziness of the more distant
buildings help to create perspective.

Why does an apple look red? First of all, you are
probably looking at the apple in good light. If
you look at it in very dim light, the apple will
look black for the sight-receiving cells in the
retina that "see" color are the cones, and cones
are useless in dim light.

To see red, you must have good color-sensitive
cones. Many animals and some people have
cones which are able to see small details distinctly,
but cannot recognize some or all colors. They are
said to be color-blind.

White light entering a prism breaks
down into the colors of the spectrum,
as seen above. It is possible for an
inverted prism to recombine the
spectrum into white light again.

Color-blind people are unable to see
the red O and purple X, above.

Many birds have keener vision than we have.
The hunting birds - vultures, hawks, and
shrikes - can spot very small animals on the
ground hundreds of feet below them.

The Snellen Eye Chart, above, was
designed to aid all who train in
testing distance vision against an
accepted norm.

So did you have fun learning tidbits about vision in the Golden Library of Knowledge? I thought you might! Be sure to come back next time Retro Book Fair stops by the circus... I have a pretty good feeling even more vintage fun is in store! Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend, everybody!!

~ All images taken from the book, 'Vision - How, Why, and What We See' by Janette Rainwater. Illustrated by Weimer Pursell. Published by Golden Press, New York. ~

February 1, 2011

Vintage Drugstore Carnival: 'Ovaltine'... To wake up GAY in the morning!

"Why be content to waken tired, listless, or low in the morning - when you should be gay and radiantly alive? Why not follow this simple plan thousands are using for sparkling morning freshness? Just drink a warm cup of Ovaltine at bedtime each night."

So, where's the disclaimer that states side effects include an increased desire to participate in same-sex frivolities before lunch?

~ Image taken from the postcard book, "Just what the doctor ordered": Health and Grooming in the Classic Age of Advertising. Published by Prion Books Limited, London. ~
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