June 26, 2009

Freak Show Friday: Pete Burns

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Yes, Pete Burns is still technically a man, but I wouldn't blame you for thinking otherwise. In fact, if you knew him back in the 1980s as the lead singer for Dead Or Alive, you might not even recognize him now. He always WAS flamboyant and a bit of a diva, but after he became addicted to plastic surgery, the freak-factor really started to climb! Just LOOK at those lips!

The last several Dead Or Alive albums have seen band members come and go, but Pete has been the one common thread holding the act together. However, in my opinion, nothing they've done since the album 'Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know' has been any good. And that's probably because they did not retain the same fun, edgy, slightly goth dance vibe that drew them so much attention and success in the '80s. I know that it's usually better for bands to change or evolve, instead of just continuing to crank out the same sort of material and stagnating... But that applies to the artists who take it seriously, and I think we all know that Dead Or Alive was always pretty much disposable. Plus, it would seem that the ONLY thing Pete has ever taken seriously is his appearance!

See, he's not a woman...
Those are man breasts, baby!

I have to say that 'Youthquake' will always be my favorite Dead Or Alive album, and I certainly think that Pete's dark, and almost spooky look during that time was the best. Here, take a look at the album cover, below.

Their look and sound just seemed so
different than anything else at the time.
And Pete had great hair!

In a dramatic, blue mood...

There's that wild & sexy hair, again!
It's like a lion's mane, and I soooo
wished that MY hair would do that!

Now, I get to be the spooky one and show you something REALLY scary. As perhaps a modern-day cautionary tale, Pete details his truly horrific experience with cosmetic lip surgery gone WAY wrong in his autobiography, 'Freak Unique'. Take a look, below, for just a sampling of what he went through.

WARNING: The following images most assuredly will disturb you and/or make you sick to your stomach. View at your own discretion!

You KNOW that's gotta hurt!
It almost looks like how people used
to stitch a dead person's mouth
closed for burial...

It got so bad that his lips were actually
oozing pus! Now, tell me, is ANYTHING
worth going through this?!

Now, you'd never know that those
plump, voluptuous "mouth pillows"
weren't natural... Yeah, RIGHT!

Here's the book.
Not only does Pete talk about all
of the plastic surgery, he also shares
an intimate behind-the-scenes look
at his life as a pop star.
Tommy was a big Dead Or Alive fan
too, so we're planning to read it
out loud to each other, and giggle a lot!

Well, that about covers it. For a general overview of a man who would become a lady-like man, anyway. Have a great weekend, everybody! And try NOT to think of those scary lip photos the next time you go to kiss your honey...


  1. EEECK!!! the milky oozing pussss!!!
    Thank goodness I'm not slurrrping on my vanilla milk shake at this very moment darling...
    ~Fab weekend without any lip plumpin'!

  2. Pete Burns is such a witty man, the book should be a laugh.

    He appeared in celebrity Big Brother over here (a guilty little pleasure of mine) and he was hilarious although deliberately a trouble maker (which made the show more interesting of course). He appears as a guest in quite a few shows over here and he always makes me laugh.

    I wish people would leave cosmetic surgery alone. Sigh.

  3. Pretty awful, huh, Lenore?

    I forgot to mention in my post that Pete said it was so painful he couldn't even eat, drink or talk!

    At what price, vanity?

  4. MoonDoggie, I've only seen a few short little clips of Pete on Big Brother. I'd like to see more, as he was quite amusing!

    When you said that you "wish people would leave cosmetic surgery alone", did you mean the people having it done, or people like me who feel the need to make fun of it?

  5. Oh, I so meant people having it done. I love hearing people make fun of it! ;)
    On current big brother there is a beautiful 20 year old glamour model who has had a ridiculous boob job and was talking about getting all sorts of other work done - she doesn't even have wrinkles!

  6. I figured that was NOT a slam against me, MoonDoggie. Just wanted to make sure, though!

    However, please feel free to tell me whenever you disagree with something. Everyone has their own opinion on things, and it can make for some interesting conversation if kept respectful.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  7. he used to be SO HOT. and now?!?! well, NOT HOT!!! vile! he went too far! ack!

  8. I am SO with you on that, drollgirl!
    In fact, I found a photo I didn't feel could be shown in my post... that would just truly HORRIFY you! It did, me!
    Let me put it this way, Pete's on stage performing and he didn't feel the need to WAIT until he was backstage in order to "drop the kids off at the pool"! And, yes, you do see EVERYTHING.

    I suppose that I could e-mail it to you. That is, if you are at all curious...

  9. Ugh, Pete has gone down the tubes so horribly! I used to think he was amazingly stylish, but he's like the Creature From the Gay Lagoon now. :(
    I still say you should email that one picture to some of our friends, it's so shocking it has to be seen to be believed.

  10. Yeah, Tommy, some people just don't know when they have it good! Pete was uber cool and unique, back in the 80s. Now, he's just like all the rest of those freaky plastic surgery addicts. Well, not JUST like them... I guess that he's still pretty unique. A 'Freak Unique', if you will. And just soooo pathetic! I mean, you know it's bad when he's actually reduced himself to CRAPPING on stage!

  11. Seriously! I also remember reading in the Courtney Love bio (written by Poppy Z. Brite) that Courtney talked about her formative years in England, and how she used to see Pete Burns hanging around outside some club, wearing a diaper and screaming at people. So I think maybe he's always been pretty f***ed up, and perhaps he was at his most "normal" in the late '80s?

  12. Yikes! He's definitely gone under the knife way too much. I did always like their music back in the day. Haven't listened to any of their newer music.

  13. You have NOT been missing much with the newer music, Keith! It's pretty stinky... And nowhere near the great stuff they did in the 80s! At least, they DID have their moment in the sun.

    Thanks for stopping in at the circus!

  14. I saw the photo your referring too...quite shocking, and I'm not easily shocked. I had a Mardi Gras mask made in his honor. It was so cool. I wish I could find it. Fishnet stocking went over the face with huge bird plumes shooting off the top of the headpiece. It was awesome!! Found your blog thru The Townhouse Lady.

  15. Yeah, Jill, relieving one's self in front of an audience is not very becoming! That sort of behavior is best left for the backstage bathroom, huh? I couldn't believe that he exposed his balls 'n' all! And those were pretty scary, too! Don't think I've ever seen any that hung that low...

    That Mardi Gras mask sounds neat. Would love to see a picture!

    Thanks for popping in at the Circus! I hope you can make it back, sometime. :)

  16. seriously? he crapped on stage?
    i've seen the picture, but all i saw was his balls. ugh, gives me the creeps.
    but seriously, was that even PROVEN?
    maybe it was just a toblerone :')

  17. Well, V, I'd be MORE than happy to email the un-cropped incriminating photo to you... The proof IS in the "pudding", so to speak. (Ahem.)

    Seriously, if you want me to send it your way, just "drop" me a line at [onefunant@yahoo.com] and I'll "release it" to you. ;)

  18. haha, unfortunately i havent been lucky enough to avoid seeing it already! it's all over the internet, someone should censore it.
    but thank you ant, and have a nice week! :-)

  19. I tried sending you this comment, but it supposedly didnt show. :D so lets try again.
    UNFORTUNATELY, i have already seen that dreadful picture, and do NOT wish to see it again! thanks for the kind offer, though!
    and have you seen sherlock holmes?
    i think you should post something about it.
    the movie wasnt that great, but i think that robert downey jr did a great job playing sherlock. and lets face it, he's pretty damn charismatic. ;)

  20. ... the comment did show.
    embarrassment :-D

  21. No worries, V!
    It happens.

    I have, in fact, seen 'Sherlock Holmes'. I saw it in the theatre and LOVED it! Funny thing was, I went into it with a real bad attitude because my knee-jerk reaction to the preview was absolute recoil. It struck me as so far-fetched and just not at all true to the characters of Holmes & Watson. I mean, they're NOT supposed to be that smarmy, wise-cracking and handsome... But once the movie began, it pretty much won me over instantly! If you can let go of the classic characterizations and portrayals of Sherlock Holmes & Watson that everyone has known since the books, and if you just look at it as a completely new interpretation, it is a whole lotta fun!

    And you are SO right about Robert Downey, Jr.'s charismatic performance! Actually, I thought Jude Law was rather charming, also. Which is odd since he usually bugs the CRAP outta me... :)

  22. lol im lovin ur webpage XD

  23. Why, thank you, Alegolasly!

    I've been meaning to bring back our Freak Show Friday feature for some time, now. I really must go poking 'round the midway so I can see what those pitiful freaks have been up to...

    It was nice of you to "pop" by! Come again, sometime. :)

  24. indeed i came back again! 2 years later haha omg, time flies!
    dearly alegolasly


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