March 28, 2011

The Worst Album Covers Ever!: 'Joyce' by Joyce Drake

Artist ~ Joyce Drake
Title ~   Joyce
                 Something about Joyce touches people, but
                 I'm not quite sure what it is. She seems to be
                 saying, "Don't be afraid! Let's get together
                 for coffee before my next hair appointment."

Well, if you ask me, I am afraid! Very afraid! There's something about our sweet, rose-adorned Miss Joyce that I do not trust... And it all begins somewhere around those dead eyes of hers! You know what they say about windows to the soul, and all. Only, I'm not convinced that one exists inside. And the hair! God knows what lies beneath that curly helmet...

~ Image and info taken from the book, 'The Worst Album Covers Ever!', by Nick DiFonzo. Published by Barnes & Noble, Inc. ~


  1. Would love to know what songs she is singing? Killing you softly... I mean, killing Me softly with your song....

  2. Oh dear. I bet she thought she was totally being hip ! Makes me wonder what trend I could be following that might be a very bad idea down the road. Funny post !

  3. Touches people, indeed.
    It's as if the rose has been positioned to cover up some unsightly stain.
    I wonder how successful Joyce was?

  4. Too funny, DearHelenHartman!
    Could also see her singing that '80s Rockwell hit that goes, "I always feel like somebody's watching you... (er, I mean) ME..." ;)

  5. Thanks, Lisa!
    You make a valid point. But at least your image isn't plastered across something like a record album for people to gawk at (and judge) until the end of time. However, if you did, rest assured that you are sooo beautifully stylish it would be a VERRRY long time before anyone could possibly think ill of your appearance!

  6. Hey, MoonDoggie!
    Thanks to you, I'm now grossing myself out trying to imagine what "sort" of stain Joyce is hiding... YUCK!

  7. I have no idea who this singer is, but now that you mention it, with that brillo hair she could have played Horseshacks ma on "Welcome Back Kotter." And I'm thinking before I put my pic out there on a book for the whole world to poke fun at, I'd like to run it past you and Tommy first. I'm pretty sure I'll need help! LOL!

  8. Wub2Write, you are SO right about the Horseshack's mom comparison! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Joyce was actually Horseshack himself... in drag! She really does kinda look that much like him. ;)

  9. Oh, DEAR. "Joyce" is one of those names that brings a certain kind of woman to mind, and this sums it up in the worst way. I think if you put Velcro on the ceiling and tossed her up at it, that hairdo would stick and she'd hang there for days... clutching her rose, waiting patiently to be let down...

  10. Tommy, I lol'd picturing Joyce dangling from the rafters... Just waiting... patiently. Classic! :D


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