March 17, 2011

Retro Book Fair: Corinne Malvern's 'Mother Goose'

It's that time once again, folks...
Yes, come with me and "get your book on"!

Today I'm sharing a children's book that is chock full of colorful and charming illustrations. It's Corinne Malvern's 'Mother Goose' and it was published/printed in 1953. The book's condition is pretty awesome, too, when you consider that it's almost 60 years old! I'd love to frame a few select pages, but I wouldn't dare separate them from the original book. That just IS NOT allowed! Did you hear me? NOT allowed!

So, anyway, check out the great cover, below, followed by a few of my fave nursery rhyme/illustration combos from inside...

As if the cover wasn't cute enough,
it actually wraps around to the back
with even MORE adorable characters!

I love the colors, here, and all
of the care-free romping. Do
kids even "romp", these days?

"She whipped him, she slashed him..."
NOT much of a lady in my book!

You and I both know that MUST
be a cubic zirconia she's holding...

This one's my absolute favorite!
It's really cute and just a tad creepy...

There are many, many more within the book, but I wanted to keep things short and sweet. I did a pretty good job of that, huh?


  1. Oh, this is my kind of post, Anthony!! I have always adored Corinne Malvern's sweet illustrations, and children's books are my favorites! I don't have this one! I'll have to be on the lookout for it. Thanks for sharing the adorable pages.

  2. Anthony, this was great! I loved seeing those illustrations, they are just the sort of thing I gravitated to as a little girl. The May Pole scene really strikes a chord. I always wanted to experience something so Springtime-y and sweet. I hope kids still romp.
    But yeah, she "whipped him and slashed him"! Another era, that's for sure.

  3. I LOVE "Retro Book Fair!" I don't know if kids romp and play the way kids used to, but they still play, scream, and run amuck. At least at our family gatherings they do. What I've wondered is, do today's kids even know who Mother Goose is? Growing up, we didn't have many books in our home, but my sister got a thick volume of Mother Goose rhymes for her 11th b'day. I was younger and took ownership of that book! I remember reading the rhymes over and over again till I knew so many of them by heart. Wee Willie Winkie was a fave, but my very favorite was the Old Woman in the Shoe. The art in these vintage volumes are so much fun. I found 1947 MG book at the swap meet for $5. The art is not as whimsical as the illustrations featured in your post! I can hardly wait till your next Retro Book Fair!


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