March 8, 2011

Attack of the "B" movie posters!

I don't know about you, but I really love a good, bad "B" movie! And I love 'em even better the worse they are... Yes, I'm one of "those" people. I can't help it. I enjoy over-the-top schlock, bad acting, and low-budget special effects. I find all of it quite humorous and entertaining. My husband... not so much. He only sometimes sees the humor, and even then his patience wears thin way quicker than I'd prefer. Oh, well. He's such an awesome man and husband in countless other ways, I guess I shouldn't complain. Instead, I'll share with you some of my favorite "B" movie posters I found pictures of in one of my neat, old books! Sound like fun? Oh, good!

'Youth Runs Wild', 1944

Tires + youngsters = TROUBLE!

'I Was a Shoplifter', 1950

Might I suggest casting Winona Ryder and
Lindsay Lohan in a modern-day remake?

'The She-
Creature', 1957

I've known one or two of
these in my time...

'The Man From
Planet X', 1951

I like this poster SOOO much!
The dude from Planet X is
quite spooky, no?

'Terror From the
Year 5,000', 1958

Note to self: Need not worry.
You will be long since dead
come the year 5,000...
Everyone else can suck it!

'The Brain
Eaters', 1958


'Ghoulies', 1985

Get it?!

Well, I had fun with these, and I hope you did, too. Do YOU have any favorite "B" movies that you enjoy watching again, and again? My all-time fave "B" movie to watch would easily be 'This Island Earth' from 1955. Check it out if you've never seen it. It's got an awesome space monster... Bye, bye!


  1. I love movie posters anyway but B movie posters are a 'hoot'! When I think of B movies I think of the sci-fi one's from when I was a kid. Weren't lots of them made in Japan? My all time favorite one has to be 'Night of the Living Dead'. Saw it for the first time at the drive-in movies with a lecherous date. Good times!! Anthony always a blast to stop bye. Hope you are doing great?

    Cheers x Deb

  2. These are so great! It's true I have little patience for actually sitting through the entire movies, but these posters are awesome. The Brain-Eaters one FREAKS ME OUT. That would have given me nightmares as a child. And yes, the Planet X guys are super spooky, but I think there might also be a little '50s racism at play there, too. (They have a distinctly Asian look to their faces) Love the hair-pulling in Youth Runs Wild, and just the fact that one of the actresses is named "Bonita." As always your captions are the best part, particularly for I Was a Shoplifter. If the right director saw that, I could totally see it happening. It would be the smartest thing Linds and Winona have done in a long time. ;)

  3. These posters are pure gold.

    Not sure if they're classed as B movies, but I have a real soft spot for all the Beach Party movies, despite them being quite awful.

    I am desperate to see Pajama Party with Annette Funicello. From wikipedia - "A Martian teenager named Gogo (Tommy Kirk) is sent to Earth in an usher's uniform to prepare the way for an invasion from Mars".

    Somehow they manage to wangle a pajama party into this...


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