March 29, 2011

Spreading the love...

Both a big (((HUG))) and a "Thank you!" go out to my wonderful pal MoonDoggie for passing along this Liebster Blog Award to me. Evidently, it is intended for exceptional blogs with less than 300 followers and, boy, do I qualify. I mean that I qualify for the less than 300 followers part, not necessarily the exceptional part. I'm not THAT conceited!

As most of you other bloggers out there know, these little perks (awards) come at a small price. That price being the task of selecting a handful of successors to whom you'll pass along the award. Not that it's like a major chore, or anything. In fact, it's actually pretty fun! So without any further ado, here are my picks for the next Liebster Blog Award recipients:

  • Smells Like Library - Funny, interesting, entertaining, and informative blog written by a library technician who works full-time in the trenches of a Jr. high/high school library. Oh, and he happens to be my husband!

  • Gold Country Girls - Such a sweet, cozy place to visit. They're waiting for you, just up that hill...

  • Wub2Write - The lady who writes this blog is a real kick! She's young at heart, and she can really tell a story. Check it out!

  • Lisa Golightly - Fashion, art, beauty, vintage style... She's got it in spades!

So congratulations, everyone! Have fun bragging to all your friends! But don't expect to get a good table at Spago, or anything...


  1. You are SUCH a sweetheart, Anthony. I really appreciate the shout-out and kind words from my favorite man in the world. ;)

  2. Omigosh, Anthony! I'm like about ready to go to bed because my dog, Jack, is giving me his Chihuahua death stare 'cause he wants to go to bed, but then I see your post and I decide to check it out. First of all huge CONGRATS! to you!!! And I'm like so totally thrilled and honored that you'd include me in your Liebster picks especially since I'm so green to the blog scene! I literally had tears in my eyes! You have totally given me a boost! Thank you!!!! And you do have a very cool & fun blog!!!

  3. Oh, thank you, my little liebchen, from your friend Heidi.

  4. No worries, Anthony.
    I've always believed it's the quality of followers rather than the quantity. :)
    Keep on trucking!

  5. I agree whole-heartedly, MoonDoggie! I would say many of my followers are among the best in the Blogosphere. And I sorta doubt that I'd keep running this dog & pony show if it weren't for their awesome support. I'm sure you can relate...


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