April 22, 2010

Photo 'a Go Go!: 2+ Weeks into my 365project...

It's been just a little over 2 weeks, already, since I started taking photos for my 365project, and I've only flaked on 2 of the days in all that time! I was feeling a bit like a failure at first for skipping days, but then I started seeing that a lot of other people doing the project also miss days, occasionally. The way I know this is because there's a neat calendar view feature you can access from everyone's photo page that displays a calendar with thumbnail-sized photos shown for each day that one was taken. So once I saw that I wasn't the only one with blank days, I felt much better. And if you're at all like me, it's not that easy to take a good photo that you're proud of every single day. Then again, (make sure you're sitting down for this one, folks) some people have said that I tend to be a perfectionist... But even that aspect aside, I'm simply not always in the mood, or I may not have the creative mojo flowing for some reason. Know what I mean? The last thing I'd want to do is snap off some dumb, random shot just so I could upload a photo for that day! Bottom line, though, is that I see no reason why I can't make up for the days I miss. I think that as long as I take and upload 365 days worth of photos it'll be okay if those days aren't all consecutively connected. It just might end up taking a lot more than a year to finish. And if that's not okay, or it's against the rules, well... then I'm changing the rules, right here and right now, for Anthony's 365project!

Wanna see some of the latest installments "hanging" in my gallery? Go ahead, take a look. I'd love to know what you think of them... (I decided that it was probably best to only display a week's worth of photographs at a time, so as to NOT exhaust your interest or patience!)

That's our Matt!

Right there, blowing into a toy crocodile's
head and making its "eyes" float, is my
good friend Matt. He's almost never too
self-conscious to do something silly, if it'll
make us laugh! I have certainly had some
of the best times hanging out with that guy.

A love creation

As I wandered around the house looking
for an interesting Show & Tell item to
photograph, I looked inside our "cabinet
of curiosities" and spotted this old collage
box which I assembled and gave to my
husband as a birthday gift many years ago.
In fact, I think it was actually about 16 or
17 years ago!

I can still remember how much fun I had
searching through antique shops, looking
for just the right cigar box and ALL of the
neat trinkets to place on top of it. I've made
several interesting things for my husband,
in the past, but haven't created any NEW
gifts in a verry long time. Hmm, his birthday
IS coming up fairly soon...


Imagine our surprise when my
husband and I stepped out into the
garden patio, today, only to find
one of Tommy's fictional comic book
characters just sitting nonchalantly
in a small, fancy chair. We couldn't
believe our eyes! All this time
Tommy thought that he had
completely made up everything
about the Skelebunnies and their
well-intentioned, immoral exploits.

Have they really existed all along,
or is Tommy's imagination so
powerful that it brought them to life?
The little guy wouldn't tell us, as he
evidently doesn't talk to humans. He
did pose for my picture, though!

"I was almost beginning to
think I'd lost my marbles!"

A glass jar is a very good place to keep
your marbles, as it is very pleasing to
the eye. And you'll always know where
to find them, should you start to feel

as though they are "missing"...

Happy toy

I think most anyone who was a child
growing up in the late '60s thru the '70s
would recognize this familiar, iconic face
as that of the cheerily colorful Fisher-Price
Chatter Phone. Definitely one of my uber
favorite childhood toys!

It had a pull-string so it could be dragged
along behind you. And whenever you did,
its big blue eyes would roll up & down in
tandem with the clickety, clackety chattering
sound made when its little blue wheels
turned. Of course, it also had a rotary dial
that triggered a bell inside whenever your
wee fingers spun it 'round.

I would love it if I could pick up the bright
orange receiver and call my 5-year-old self,
way back in 1975. I'd want to tell him that
everything is going to be okay, that HE is
going to be okay, no matter how bad things get...

Fun, old books

Something else that I like collecting is vintage
children's books. I find them to be fun, colorful
and charming. However, I do not buy them for
storytelling. The two ways in which I do use
them are:

[1.] As pop-culture reference material.

[2.] As a vintage illustration/image archive that
I can cut 'n paste from while working on collage
art. Well, technically, I scan & print out whichever
book page has the image I like, and then THAT is
what gets cut up. I don't want to damage these
beautiful, old books any more than they already
have been!

The bookshelves have slowly been filling up over
the years, so what you see here is just a fraction
of my total vintage and pop culture book collection.

Monochromatic Solitaire

I enjoy ALL kinds of board games, especially
ones that are this attractive and well-made.
My preference, of course, is to play games with
other opponents, but this beautiful wood and
stone marble (Is "stone marble" redundant?)
edition of Solitaire makes those times I have
no one to play games with MUCH more enjoyable!

Thank you for visiting our 'Gallery of Fine Art Photography' tent, here at the one and only Pop Circus. Please, come again!

~All photos by Anthony (aka Antvision). Except top 'Photo 'a Go Go!' background dancers, I found them in a dark alley behind Google Images. They work really cheap!


  1. I love this Anthony. A familiar face that ole' Fisher Price phone on wheels!! I loved the collage box you made the husband. Quite sentimental and fun. Yes indeed you must think of something clever for his upcoming birthday.
    And..I do have a bowl of marbles. Haven't quite lost them all yet. Boy do I remember playing marbles. Hope all is well Anthony & happy weekend x

  2. I enjoyed seeing them, Anthony. My favorites are the Fisher Price "Happy Toy", and the row of children's books on the shelf.
    I'm still a kid at heart myself.

  3. As predicted, I haven't kept taking pictures after an admirable start so I applaud you for your persistence.
    (and your photo acknowledgement smallprint made me laugh)

  4. I love the collage box you made for your hubby...such a wonderful collection of trinkets!

  5. Why, thank you, Dadadreams!
    I'm so SHOCKED that you, of all people, would be drawn to a collage box! ;)

    Unfortunately, there're many more fun little trinkets around the back side of the cigar box top that you just can't see in my photo... :(


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