April 16, 2010

It's official... I'm a total Gleek, now!

On the off-chance that you don't already know what a "Gleek" is, allow me to enlighten you. A "Gleek" is a devoted fan of Fox's hugely popular hit t.v. show, 'Glee'. If you haven't ever watched it (a whole episode, not just a clip), you're missing out on something pretty special! I'd consider any show special if it lifted your spirits and kept you feeling happy for an entire episode, but no others come to mind. It's just such a perfect mix of drama, humor and showbiz that you really would have to watch an entire episode to get an accurate feel for the magic that's going on here.

Up until last Tuesday's Season 2 opener, I had only seen a handful of episodes from Season 1. I enjoyed them, but was only on-the-fence about the show, at best. I think it was because I had an issue with its lack of reality when it came to the Glee Club's musical numbers. Some might even say they're a bit over-the-top! And it's completely obvious that everyone is lip syncing. But then it donned on me... The way 'Glee' was doing it, was the same way those old MGM musicals of the '40s & '50s were done! Don't know why I didn't realize that sooner? Besides, the creators of 'Glee' would never be accused of trying to portray any sense of reality! It's just a whole lotta fun and fantasy which happens to take place in a high school that has exceptionally talented students in their Glee Club.

Now that I view the show with this entirely new perspective, I'm absolutely loving it! I had already enjoyed the humor - Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester, the nasty cheerleading coach who's hell-bent for Glee Club annihilation, is so priceless! She plays that character like it was invented just for her. Maybe it was, I don't know. The soap opera style of drama also really hooks you, if you like that sort of thing. And, yes, I most certainly do! Then, of course, the musical performances are the biggest highlight of every episode. Mr. Scheuster, or Will (played by Matthew Morrison), usually picks a specific theme for his club of showbiz kids to tailor their musical numbers to. For example, on last Tuesday's show, Mr. Scheuster announced that the new theme was "Hello", adding that they could select any songs they wanted for their numbers as long as those songs had the word "Hello" in the title. I was a bit surprised at how many other tunes there are, aside from Lionel Richie's obvious hit. See, look at that, the show can even be educational for some folks!

Well, I really don't want to bore you with my take on every character in 'Glee'. Just know that I consider every one of them to be another good reason for watching this awesome show!

P.S. - B.T.W. here's a little F.Y.I. just in case you're interested: Next week's show (Tuesday, April 20th) is going to be the eagerly awaited 'Power of Madonna' episode which will feature nothing but Madonna songs! I'm sooo there, you guys!

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  1. Oh, yes - I love Glee too. I didn't think I would (and can see why others are scared to watch) but I gave it a try and am glad I did.
    I like that it's blatantly unrealistic, you probably couldn't do the show any other way.
    I absolutely love Sue Sylvester. Her comedic timing and subtle facial expressions are impeccable.
    The UK have caught up a bit and the new episode is supposed to be shown on Monday but I couldn't wait that long - glory be the internet!

  2. How funny that you should post about this , because as it happens, this week I had seen Jane Lynch and others on some of the talk shows, and my interest was piqued (is that right?), to say the least. I hadn't watched it at all previously because I think there's something else on at the same time that I was already hooked on- or I was watching something else I recorded because IT was on at the same time as something else - you get the picture (I am a TV addict- in case that was unclear). So after American Idol - I did stay tuned to Fox, and I was definitely intrigued. I totally enjoyed the songs, and found myself wondering what more I needed to know about these characters! I can totally see myself EASILY becoming a Gleek! To this day, I regret not having been in Glee Club, nor Drama in high school- because I didn't want people to think I was "weird". (I don't remember calling anyone geek or nerd or anything like that back then), in spite of the fact that singing and acting have ALWAYS been things I wanted to do. I never pursued either at all, mostly out of fear, and unless I do something in the future to change that, I will regret it 'til the day I die. It does indeed seem only natural, doesn't it, that if we love musicals (and I sure do!), that we would enjoy this program, doesn't it?

  3. Yaaay! We're BOTH "Gleeks", MoonDoggie!
    Did you catch Sue Sylvester's hilarious 'Vogue' music video at the end of the new episode? Truly classic! And I was real impressed with how closely they replicated Madonna's original! Not that I would notice such a thing... ;)

  4. Heidi, I'm glad that you're giving the show a chance! I think you'll be glad that you did.

    It's such a shame that you felt too scared, and feared ridicule if you joined Drama class or Glee Club. You might have found it so fulfilling that the happiness it gave you would've outweighed any negativity from your peers. But what good does having such regrets do for ANYONE?! Live and learn, my friend... Live and learn. :)


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