April 8, 2010

Photo 'a Go Go!: My 365project

This should be a bit challenging, and a lotta fun!

A friend of mine suggested that I try the 365project because she had already been participating and was totally loving it. What is it, you say? Why, it's a year-long project/journey in which you photograph something with a digital camera EVERY DAY that's special, interesting, or even just plain ordinary. What you shoot is entirely up to you, and that's what I find especially appealing about it. You're really only limited by your own creativity and imagination! If this seems at all like something you'd want to do, go ahead and click on the link to find out more about it.

I just started the project Tuesday, April 6th, so I've only taken and uploaded 2 pictures. Here, check 'em out...

[Day 1] Glass Paperweight

Behold the beauty of glass!

This is just one of many glass paperweights in my personal
collection. I've always been fascinated with glass in its many
forms, from rough wave-beaten chunks of beach glass to
elegant cathedral stained glass windows. But I'm especially
drawn to handblown glass with its shiny bubbles and magical
swirls of color inside!

[Day 2] Office Toys

It's 'Take Our Toys to Work day'...
Every day!

If you know me, you know that I really like toys. For whatever
reason, I never outgrew them. Just having toys around makes
me happy, even if I'm not playing with any. And the more
colorful they are, the better! This is a shot of the computer on
my desk where I work daily. If I didn't have these little guys
giving their cheerful support every day, I'd surely stress out!

I have every intention of remaining committed to this project, I do not want to lose motivation and give up! I will see this through to [Day 365]! I feel like I'm off to a pretty good start, but this is only the first week. Check back in about a month, and see how well I'm doing then... Yikes, what have I gotten myself into?!

~All photos by Anthony (AKA antvision)~


  1. I really like the idea of this but am not sure I could stay committed.
    By the way, I especially love that stripey little guy on your desk. I reckon he deserves a photo all of his own.

  2. I am really looking forward to seeing your pictures - at least I hope you will share them.

  3. MoonDoggie, I'm not totally sure that I can stay committed to it, myself! It IS doing something every day for an entire year, after all! I don't know if I've done ANYTHING with that kind of solid consistency... But I'm REAL determined to give it a "shot"! ;)

  4. Of course, I will share my photos, Heidi! I doubt that I'll post them here each and every day as their taken, but I will probably end up sharing about a week's worth at a time. So be sure to check back, occasionally. :)


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