May 5, 2010

Art Attack!: Collage artist, Dadadreams, is sometimes warped, and always entertaining!

'Strange Ritual' by Dadadreams

Where DO I begin with this delightfully funny and greatly talented Cut 'n' Paster? I guess that telling you how I first discovered Dadadreams and her wonderful artwork would be a good place to begin. So there I was, new to flickr, just pokin' around checking the place out, when somehow or another I stumbled across artwork by a self-taught collagist who goes by the name of Dadadreams (her real name is Michelle Lanter) and lives in Houston, Texas. You could almost say that, for me, seeing her work was love at first sight...

'Bad Hare Day'
~By Dadadreams

She should have known that
trying out a new hare-style
was a hare-brained idea.

Since I'm a big fan of witty puns and word-play, I was won over by that angle alone pretty instantaneously. Which reminds me, I must clarify that for the entirety of this post any captions you see underneath Dadadreams' images are also written by her... I wish that I could take credit for them, they're so clever! Another thing that I love is vintage and retro-type imagery, and that's almost exclusively what she works with when creating her masterpieces. In fact, there's a part in her flickr profile that reads, "I have an ever growing collection of vintage ephemera, mostly magazines, books and encyclopedias from the '40s, '50s and '60s." Boy, I could just sit contently for hours and hours sifting through her collection! I think another reason her pieces visually appeal to me so much is the overall color palette she uses when putting them together. I find that verrry pleasing. It may not even be intentional on her part, I suppose it could just be total serendipity... Whatever the case, it works!

'Jello Possum Surprise'
~By Dadadreams

A tasty treat your family is sure to enjoy!

'Jams and Jellies'
~By Dadadreams

Timmy does great in school
because he fuels up with a
good breakfast. A big part of
that is yummy jams and jellies.
His favorite? Unless he pulled
an all-nighter and needs an
extra charge, the ones without
stinging tentacles.

'Peep Show'
~By Dadadreams

What do you do with all those
leftover Easter Peeps? Have a
Peep Show, of course!

Regarding the process of her work, Lanter says, "Collage is a way for me to give these images new life. I love being able to combine images and turn them into something completely new and different. For me, collage is a form of play. I love to spread the ephemera (my toys) on the floor and rearrange them until an image comes together. I work intuitively and lose all track of time when I'm collaging."

'Best Friends'
~By Dadadreams

((No caption for this one, but I say it's brilliant!))

Lanter is specifically fascinated by squids, dinosaurs, medical imagery and retro food. So those images often find their way into her work. The artwork directly below is a terrific example of one of her squid pieces...

'Squidware Party'
~By Dadadreams

I'm pleased to present the newest
piece of Squidware. It has a unique
design and a beautiful pink color.
Best of all, it has the same super
sucker suction lid that you've come
to expect in Squidware.
Get yours today!

'Pie in the Sky'
~By Dadadreams

((Again, no caption for this, but I
love the literal interpretation!))

'The Normals'
~By Dadadreams

I'd had enough of the oversized shoes
and the tiny cars. As I was packing my
bag to head off to accounting school,
Mom came in my room. I'll never forget
the look on her face. Choking back tears,
I said, "Goodbye, I am running away to
join the normals."

'Bed Head'
~By Dadadreams

Futons are popular. Waterbeds
are so 70's. Tempurpedic is nice,
if a little high-end. For me, I
prefer the traditional box spring
style bed head.

'Photo Op'

~By Dadadreams

Some people are just dying
to get the perfect shot!

'Domestic Goddess'
~By Dadadreams

She cooks, cleans and entertains
effortlessly. She is the inspiration
for all who keep up a home. She is
the Domestic Goddess.

This Dadadreams mini-gallery is exactly that. It's just a very small representation of Lanter's entire body of work, and only begins to scratch the surface. If you've enjoyed what is on display here, please, go and visit the official Dadadreams' Photostream on flickr to see even more of her wonderful art. It's really neat and convenient how she has her work organized into different themes like 'Beauty and Fashion', 'Kid Stuff', 'Retro Housewife', 'Land of the Lost', etc. Aaand if you see anything that makes you think, "Gee, but I'd sure be delighted to own something like that!", just go and visit the Dadadreams' Curious Collage Creations shop on Etsy. There's some great stuff there, from original art pieces to hand-made jewelry to vintage ephemera. I've been itchin' to make a purchase there, myself!

Well, that'll do it for today's Art Attack! edition. Thank you for "pop"-ping in to check out this artist. We hope to continue featuring such fantastic artists as Dadadreams in future Art Attack! editions, so be sure to stay tuned...

Later, clowns!

~All artwork copyright Dadadreams (aka Michelle Lanter)~


  1. I LOVE this! You included some of my favorite images. :)

    Thanks so much for featuring me!


  2. I LOVE these! I had never seen them before. How completely clever and original!! Great stuff- and thank you, Anthony, for introducing me to them.

  3. Love, love, love this! Witty and elegant and funny.

  4. You're such a great ringmaster! And I love Michelle's imagery. Can't decide if "Jello Possum Surprise," or "The Normals" is my favorite. I can totally see why you (Anthony) like her collage work and clever captions. What a pleasant Art Attack!

  5. You are SOOO welcome, Dadadreams!

    Both, you and your talent, rightly deserve EVERY BIT of attention and praise that they get!

    And, THANK YOU, for granting us the privilege of featuring you as our very first Art Attack! artist. :)

  6. Glad you like 'em, Heidi!
    The happy colors, retro flavor and overall whimsy is hard to resist, huh?

  7. Yep, Julienonymous, Dadadreams is sure one clever gal!

  8. Thanks for the ringmaster compliment, Tommy!

    And, thank you, for your kind words about this debut edition of Art Attack! :)

  9. Anthony, Ok, I just had to include the "normal" picture in my post ... it was way too relevant to what I was doing !! xo Lisa

  10. Wow, these are great! The tear down her cheek in "Bad Hare Day" is kind of priceless! And "Domestic Goddess" is pretty awesome; though they are all really!

    Well, I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I found your blog just by chance really... I was actually on Facebook and found you there... I was at the OZ bit at CSUF this past weekend, actually that was by chance too, and I got the opportunity to meet you, Anthony, and Tommy, both! In fact Tommy signed my books and I was the one that some guy with a camera asked to stand next to Tommy for a picture, I think for the conference or something. =*] I'm explaining this because I'm not actually an Iris, as my picture suggests, sorry about that. :)

    Anyway, It was really nice to hear the panel and meet you both. I had actually just barely learned of the conference and had wished I'd known so many comics/artists were going to be there and I'd have gotten my husband to go too! He used to draw comics as a kid/teen into an adult really and was quite good. I came home saying so remember when...

    And, excellent blog here!! =] I haven't had a chance to blog about the conference, but it really made my day! I'm from Fresno so it was really nice to have such great writers and artists visit us here! I look forward to your blog. Take care.

  11. It's all good, Lisa!
    Especially since you even included a linkback in your post to the original source (Me!) where you saw the wonderful artist featured. :)

  12. What a nice and thoughtful message, Shauna.

    I'm pretty sure that I remember talking with you... If I'm not mistaken, you're the nice lady who bought a copy of Tommy's 'Stitch' graphic novel for your 15-year-old niece. And it was while you were waiting for Tommy to sign it that Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baum (L. Frank Baum's great-grandson) walked up and introduced themselves, which only further delayed your wait. Am I right? Well, even if I'm not, I can still tell that you must be a pretty cool person. Besides, there wasn't anyone I met at the Oz Conference that WASN'T totally nice and interesting! :)

    I'm glad you like my circus! In fact, I couldn't help noticing that you're now an official Captivated Spectator. Thank you! I've only been running this show for little over a year now, so I'm still working out some of the kinks. It's an ongoing adventure for all of us... ;)

  13. Yes, I'm with you on that, A Collage A Day! I actually admire Dadadreams' work from two different perspectives - through the eyes of an artist, myself, as well as from a consumer's point of view.

    It's visually pleasing, witty goodness the whole family can enjoy! Take one home... TODAY!

  14. Hi Anthony! Wow, I wish that was me, I think I just missed Mr, Baum, bummer! I think I was just ahead of her, but I did also buy a copy of Stitch and one of Wonderland!! :). I too didn't meet one person there that wasn't absolutely a pleasure to speak with and listen too. Thanks. =*]

    I'm glad to be a part of the circus! :) Keep up the good work! My blog continues to be a work in progress as well and it's been about a year and a half; I don't know where the time flies, but it is oh so fun! Cheers!

  15. Shauna, I have every intention of dropping by your blog and checking it out, as soon as I can. But, as it is right now, I'm already working on 4 different things at once! And one of them is my next post, which is a new installation for the circus's Gallery of Fine Art Photography. I've GOT to get that done!

    If I don't get better about posting more often, my loyal readers might get fed up and start going to... (GASP) Circus Vargas, instead! ;)

  16. Loved it! May I share this page with my friends on facebook?

  17. Hello, Peripat(h)etic! I'm glad you liked my post. And, of course, you may share it! Thank you! :)


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