February 19, 2010

Happy Music: 'One Life Stand' by Hot Chip

This fun and quirky electropop band, Hot Chip, seemed
(to me, anyway) to totally come out of nowhere and hit me
like a train! They've actually been together since 2000, and just released their fourth album as of Feb. 1st, 2010. So, obviously, they didn't "come out of nowhere"... The problem was that I hadn't been paying any attention during that time. But I certainly was the other night, when I saw the music video for, 'One Life Stand', the first single off of their new album!

I instantly liked it because I'm a big fan of the whole electronic/pop/dance genre of music, and it has a real catchy beat from the very start. But as the song and the video played on, I liked it even more! I think it's great what the lyrics are saying, especially in the chorus:

"I only wanna be your one life stand
Tell me do you stand by your whole man?"

It wasn't only the groovy beats and lyrics, though. I think what really put a smile on my face was seeing how much fun those guys clearly had making the video. They're just goofin' around, being totally silly. Serving it all up with a deadpan delivery. Basically acting much the same way I'd imagine me and my own friends acting if we made a music video. I guess that some might watch it and think they're all just trying too hard to be wacky, but I was cracking up the whole time! I got the feeling they were all very comfortable and just genuinely being themselves. Did I mention that three of the five of them were old school mates? There's comfort level, right there. Plus, look at them. They must all share the same zip code... in Dorksville! But I truly do mean that in the best possible way because I think they're all totally rockin' that whole "geek chic" thing! Also, isn't it nice any time we see people in the entertainment industry that aren't cookie-cutter-perfect-looking or don't have what many consider to be an ideal body shape?!

Anyway, Roel Wouters, the director, devised a unique concept for the video shoot. He wanted to create an experimental environment in which the band were left alone to explore and develop their own music video. With the rest of the crew closed off from the set, the band became director, cameraman and even choreographer to create a promo that is nothing but "Hot Chip". The band had a minimal set-up to play with of just one fixed camera, one handycam and their instruments. A silver sphere was also suspended in the middle of the room giving the band further creative scope to experiment with different perspectives. The constant revolutions of the band, the sphere and the cameras moving around each other all work to create a surreal and almost trippy experience for the viewer. These visual elements together with the experimental nature of the video and the band's spontaneous input, combine to give the track's hypnotic rhythm a perfect visualization.

In other words, it's way cool! Enjoy...

~Hot Chip photo via Google Images~
~All 'One Life Stand' music video information, including director Roel Wouters, via CreativeBoom~


  1. Anthony- This is awesome and totally addictive.

    When I saw the first pic I thought "Color Me Bad?" but not even close.

    Thanks fro introducing us to something new, cool and refreshingly happy to listen to.

  2. My pleasure, Townhouselady!
    Since publishing the post, I was out over the weekend and bought the whole, new 'Hot Chip' CD. It's pretty good! I'd say that only 3 of the 10 tracks were kinda "sucky". So that means 7 of them really GROOVE! Not too bad, eh?!

    Btw, good luck with the Townhousenursery! I know how under-the-gun you and your Townhousemister are to complete it in time... :)

  3. Anthony .... love that new banner you have. Sure looks like a place in the Santa Cruz mountains that I used to visit as a girl ... Santa's Village ! Could it be ?

    Groovy tunes my friend !


  4. (((BINGO!)))

    Yes, Lisa, it most certainly IS Santa's Village! Good eye! But I'm fairly sure that the photo was taken at the Skyforest location, in San Bernardino mountains. I could be wrong, though. It's been known to happen, once or twice before... ;)

    Glad you liked 'Hot Chip'! They TOTALLY make me want to form a band with my friends. I think it could be a real blast! What's that? What instrument/s can I play? Ummm...

    'Kay, bye!

  5. I think "Hot Chip" is the coolest name. You've made me want to check them out with your snazzy words. I love your new banner photo of Santa's Village.

  6. Hmmm... Now, you've got me wondering what else I could possibly get you to do, Julienonymous!

    I shall immediately go to work improving my snazzily persuasive vocabulary skills. Just you wait, someday you might regret having told me that I hold this power over you...

    Bwa, ha, ha, ha, haaa!


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