March 2, 2010

The Worst Album Covers Ever!: 'Love that Showbiz!' by The Castle Family

Artist ~ The Castle Family
Title ~ Love that Showbiz!

In the wake of the Osmonds, family variety acts sprung
up all over the United States. This happy-looking bunch
hailed from Minneapolis, Minnesota. And by the looks
of it, I'd say that "showbiz" wasn't the only thing this
brass-y Castle clan shared a love for... Did ya get a load
of those matching, kinky perms?!

I don't know about you, but I did a double take when I first saw this cover. I couldn't quite distinguish between male and female family members, mainly due to their dizzying cluster of matching poodle perms and shiny red satin. But when in doubt, look for boobs (or breasts, rather, because these folks are all "boobs" in my opinion)! Then, of course, it's completely obvious. The Castle men are wearing the matching red satin pants and jackets, while the Castle ladies are in cream-colored tops and red satin pants only, sans jackets. However, I'm not entirely convinced about all three of those Castle "men"...

~Image and info taken from the book, 'The Worst Album Covers Ever!' by Nick Di Fonzo. Published by Barnes & Noble, Inc.~


  1. male or female-they look eerily similar :/ I wonder if they actually played all of those instruments? :)

  2. I can think of only two words with which to comment on this album cover:

    Oh, my.

  3. Good question, Leah.
    For all we know, that whole "brass menagerie" might only be serving as props for their album's cover shoot! And if I'm not mistaken, there IS also a guitar in the mix (lower left, on the floor).

    But WHY is that one Castle lady holding a pair of drumsticks?...

  4. This cover is a whopper. I do believe my Minneapolis area relatives still do sport those kinky perms! I want to know Anthony where are their necks? Truly, this one is priceless.
    Hey - hope you are doing well and life is still a circus?!

  5. Eww! You're so right, Dumbwit!
    Where ARE their necks?!

    I guess you can sorta see a couple of them, but the longer you stare at the group they ALL start lookin' like PUPPETS!

    Yikes! Now, I'm gettin' creeped out... :/

  6. Adorable!
    The one with jackets are the males?!
    errr...still guessing game~~~

  7. You're so right, Lenore!
    I think the jury's still out regarding actual gender of each Castle family member.

    It's nothing a good strip search couldn't resolve! And if there were still any doubt, DNA would put it to rest. ;)

  8. This is "It's Pat" from SNL's favorite band.

  9. Ha,ha!
    You hit the nail right on the perm, Townhouselady! Why didn't I think of that?!

    A tip of the Ringmaster's hat to you, pretty lady! Well played. ;)

  10. Hey I am the Castle "female" on the lower right hand corner. This was our Family Band from about 1970-1989. The perms were smelly and tedious to sit through, we played all the instruments and my sister is holding the drumsticks because "she" is a kick ass drummer. Much of my life I felt like a puppet and you can see my neck because I practiced yoga to survive the dysfunctional experience. I teach yoga, and have 3 awesome kids. They are all great musicians and I let them wear their hair the way they like it.

  11. Castle, I have to say that after reading your comment I felt a weird combination of both honor and shame. Honored that you would even acknowledge my funky little blog, while also a bit red-faced considering some of the things I wrote about you and your family, albeit entirely in jest.

    Congratulations on your family band's 19-year run! That is really impressive and something to be proud of. It also sounds like you've been doing quite well since then with your yoga classes and your musically inclined kids. That's all great to hear! And I'm sure you must be proud to see your kids carrying on the family tradition... ;)

  12. I had (still have? not sure) that album. Got it after seeing them perform live at our local fair. My best friend and I listened to it a million times and had a choreography to go with every song. I always wanted satin pants like they (and ONJ in Grease and Linda Blair in Roller Boogie) wore, but alas... never got them.

  13. Met the Castles in the early 80s, became friends with all, long friendship with younger sister (drummer). They are a great musicians and a loving family. Lost touch after serving over seas. SO to CASTLE, any chance you remember me, sister had long friendship with your middle brother.

  14. I know the middle guy on the top (Jack). One of the nicest guys ever. Yes, they played their own instruments. Still do, in fact. Yes, this is indeed a dreadful album cover. Wonderful family, terrible photo.


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