February 3, 2010

The Worst Album Covers Ever!: Our first of the worst.

In case it wasn't obvious by my infrequent posting, I've been having some trouble finding new "acts" that I want to "book" for my circus. And it's not that there aren't plenty of wonderfully talented, interesting subjects to choose from... because there certainly are! That is perhaps what I love most about pop culture - it encompasses such a big variety of cool and fun things! I think that the problem has been mainly a lack of inspiration on my part because I've been dealing with a lot of emotional stress behind-the-scenes, lately. I'll spare everyone the details because I'd like my circus to remain a happy place. In fact, I'd love it if Pop Circus developed a reputation for simply being a nice, happy and fun blog to visit. Especially, if one wants a good hearty giggle!

Anyway, back to my lack of inspiration. So it had been almost 2 weeks since my last post (and my "creativity block", or whatever you'd call it, was driving me absolutely bananas) when Tommy and I visited a local used bookstore, over the weekend. And there on a shelf amongst many, many other previously owned/presently unwanted books, sat what I instantly knew could be the source for a few (if not a series of) fun posts! It was a slick, coffee table-type volume of collected record album covers. Really BAD album covers! So it was no surprise that its title was, 'The Worst Album Covers Ever!' by Nick DiFonzo. I stood there flipping through the pages, trying best I could to stifle my laughter. Then, before I drew too much attention from others around me, I walked up to the register, paid the cashier and thereby instantly "booked" several new future "acts" for my circus!

Sooo, without any further ado, I present this magnificently terrible first 'Worst' selection for your perusal...

Artist ~ Tino
Title ~ Por Primera Vez

Tino (Constantino Fernandez) was a member of
the popular Spanish kid's group, Parchis. Their
first international hit was a cover version of the
Village People song, 'In the Navy'... Need we
say more?

That's all for now, but the fun will continue on in this series with more handpicked favorites taken directly from the book! And I just know you'll get a kick out of 'em! So make sure to come back 'cuz they're all awfully weird (and weirdly awful)! Remember, they're not called 'The Worst Album Covers Ever!' for nothing, you know...

~All images and info taken from the book, 'The Worst Album Covers Ever!' by Nick DiFonzo. Published by Barnes & Noble, Inc.~


  1. Oooookaaayyyy. Yep, that's a pretty bad one. I look forward to more in the series!
    And I'm sorry that you have been stressed. Hope things start going better for you!

  2. Love this topic! I sense that Tino has been a VERY bad boy. and the name Nick DiFonzo sounds like a cool Fonzie meets the Muppets hybrid. Keep em coming!

  3. I'm curious about the splayed hand - is it merely directing the viewers gaze, showing off a wedding ring or does it signify the number 5? Awful or artistic? :P
    Look forward to more.

  4. Thanks for your concern, Heidi!
    Unfortunately, stress is something we've ALL gotta deal with, to some degree or another. It's just that MY degree of it, lately, happens to be a bit higher than usual. :(

  5. I'm glad that you're into this topic as much as I am, Julienonymous! :)
    But I'm curious, what gives you the feeling that Tino has been such a BAD boy? Could it be the super-short shorts, or the way that he's gripping his right knee in such a manner that one might think he's pulling that leg back for easier "danger zone" access? Whatever it is, I wholeheartedly agree!

    But he should BEHAVE because, if you'll notice, there's a wedding ring on the same hand that he's groping himself with...

  6. I don't think "artistic" would even be in the equation, MoonDoggie!
    But that's only MY opinion. After all, art IS subjective. If YOU see art when you look at Tino's album cover, who am I to take that away? ;)

    You've raised a good point about that splayed hand, though! Quite puzzling...

  7. Anthony can't wait for more, this was a clever idea. I hear you my friend, I'm struggling with bloggers block as I sit here with this blank stare going on. I feel like my world is closing in. But, tomorrows a new day. Hope your work a day life goes easier on you this week. Can't wait for the day to be back living in California, should it ever come again.
    Cheers ~deb

  8. Hey, Deb!
    I guess that we ALL get "the block", now and then... But I think you're a very creative writer! That special birthday post you dedicated to your friend Jacqueline (sp?) was so clever and well done... not to mention quite thoughtful!


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