February 13, 2010

Sweet Mother of Jesus! - Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet' concert DVD out March 30th, 2010

I think I might have mentioned before that regardless how much I really like Madonna, I've yet to be *fortunate (*translation: rich) enough to experience her live, in concert. Well, I suppose that I could buy somewhat affordable tickets, but they'd be way up in the nose-bleed section, or so far away that Madonna would just look like an ant! And I see no point in that at all. If I can't go see somebody I really like perform, and actually see them clearly, I'm not going to waste my money on it! But I would be willing to pay kinda crazy prices if I knew I was going to get excellent seats. Only problem with that is, "kinda crazy" ticket prices don't exist in Madonna's concert world! I don't know if you've ever priced them before, but when I checked them for the 'Sticky & Sweet' tour, seats on the floor close enough not to require a telescope were going for HUNDREDS of dollars! It's real insane. I don't get how she manages to keep selling out her shows when the pricing is so damned cost prohibitive?! Yet she just keeps on doing it, even in this awful economy! Where are those people finding the money?! Are they going into major credit card debt just so they can go see their favorite pop star perform live? I'm not willing to do that. Not now, anyway. Not at this age. I probably would have done something foolish like that in my early 20s! Lord knows I did my share of foolish, impulsive things back then...

Anywaaay, thank goodness (and thanks to the magic of DVD) the rest of us poor souls haven't had to go completely without ever seeing Madonna in concert. We've at least been able to see her on film! And frankly, most concert movies end up showing you way more than you'd ever see at a live show. Plus, it's a heck of a lot cheaper! So if you were like me and couldn't make it to the actual 'Sticky & Sweet' concert in person, you may soon rejoice!

Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet' concert on DVD/Blu-Ray will be released this March 30th. Filmed in Buenos Aires, over 4 days to a crowd exceeding 256,000 fans, the concert includes a show-stopping moment when Madonna performs a historic, 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina', to a thunderous audience response from her Argentine fans. Of course, also included are several hits from the multi-Grammy winner's most recent CD, 'Hard Candy', which debuted at #1 in 37 countries. And the DVD even has 30 minutes of exclusive footage filmed behind-the-scenes during the course of the tour!

Here are a few of the reviews:

"A night of triumph and defiance... A two hour multi-media juggernaut", glowed the LA Times.

"Part concert, part block party and all fun, there is still only one Madonna", raved the Oakland Press.

"Our lady of perpetual motion... This may be the best tour she's ever stitched together", claimed the NY Post.

And here are some fun shots from the show, just to hold you over until we can get our hands on the DVD next month. Enjoy...

~All images and info via madonna.com~


  1. I think she mostly looks good in those photos, but she ought to sit like a lady, not with her legs spread. ;) Also, that sheer black bra thing she's wearing in a couple shots makes her stomach look wrinkly and old, but it's actually the fabric. Know what I mean? And I'm afraid she's going to slip and break a hip when she's playing guitar and doing that kick with those dangerous boots.

  2. Really, Tommy?! "She ought to sit like a lady, not with her legs spread." Really?! You DO realize this is Madonna we're talking about...

    (Anthony just shakes his head, and then walks out of the room.)

  3. I was going to say that I feel like Lady M should wear more clothing now a day's but after reading Tommy's comment, I say nope; Madonna, you look fabulous, just keep it up as long as they pay for those high priced tickets.One truly does not know what it feels to be in that age bracket until they are there. It comes quick and it's funny how your opinions about 'old age' change. So, that's my Peanut Gallery thought for the day. Anthony hope you are doing well? You'll be much more comfy watching the DVD in your jammies with a cocktail my friend. xx hugs from your 50'ish year old friend :

  4. Well said, Dumbwit Deb!
    I loved your Peanut Gallery thought of the day!
    But in Tommy's defense, I must point out that his comments regarding Madge's less-than-lady-like behavior and wardrobe were totally written in jest.

    Well... I know that he was at least HALF-kidding, anyway! After almost 20 years with him, I SHOULD be sure of that much. Besides, I know that Tommy's not a "hater" when it comes to Madonna. He just doesn't ever like to admit that he's a fan.

    Pssst! (Personally, I think he has a hang-up about her because, to him, it seems waaay too "stereotypically GAY" for an actual gay guy to be into Madonna. Or something...)

    I hope that you're not too miserable, lately, trying to decide which life path to take. If it was me, I'd trust my gut instinct. That inner-voice knows you better than anyone else ever has, or ever will. Sit up, and listen to it! :)


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