December 23, 2009

C'mon everybody... to Santa Claus's party!

This last week before Christmas is typically real crayzee for most of us, trying to finish up our gift shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, cleaning, decorating, etc. And I'm sure that some people probably have Holiday To-Do lists that are even longer! Of course, the stress level only increases for those of us who must find a way to complete those lists while also working full-time jobs...

But I'm happy to say that, at this point in the game, my gift shopping is done! The only chore left is the wrapping. I refer to it as a "chore" mainly because I'm retarded-ly slow at it. Seriously, if you could watch me wrap a present you would likely think I was somehow mentally disabled! I know how to gift-wrap, it just takes me forever to do it. Being a perfectionist doesn't help matters, either. So, evidently, I still have a bit of work to do. However, before I go grabbing the scissors and Scotch tape, I thought it would be fun sharing some of my favorite old Santa Claus images with you.

It'll be like a Santa Claus picture party!

Same as the ones in my Halloween post, these are also from a book of collected vintage holiday images put together by Editor/Art Director Jim Heimann, and published by Taschen. There's one in the bunch that isn't from the book, and it should be fairly obvious which one because it looks as though it could've been taken right out of a murder case file. I had to include it since I've never seen anything quite so scary! What's that? "This is Christmas, not Halloween!", you say? Well, you can just go tell Psycho Santa that, yourself... But please, remove the baby first!

I get the feeling that these boys are up to
something a bit sexually deviant...
If you'll notice, all the other children are happily
playing or just completely focused on Santa.
Meanwhile, Red & Blondie are both much too
busy making themselves some sort of
bondage chair with their
multi-colored string and clothes pins. I wonder
who they're planning to tie-down on it, the
girl with her new dolly... or Santa?

Man, this cop sure is a jerk, huh?!
What could Santa possibly have done
to get a ticket?! I don't see his sleigh
anywhere, but perhaps he parked it
in a No Parking Zone?

Exhibit A:
Murder suspect, Bebe Keeler
(Notice the dainty little ladies watch
on her gloved, left hand. And it is that
very hand with which she is so tightly
clutching onto her next meal.)

"Bye, for now, everyone!
Remember to be good boys & girls
if you don't want to find coal in your
stockings... But if you must insist on
being bad, well then, you can just go
to my room!"

I wish everyone and their families a very happy holiday! I also hope that my loyal readers, or Captivated Spectators, will continue enjoying my circus throughout the New Year to come...


Pop Circus Ringmaster

~All images, except for Bebe Keeler's case file photo, were taken from Jim Heimann's book, 'Christmas: Vintage Holiday Graphics', published by Taschen. 'Exhibit A' photo via


  1. My my, that masked Santa truly is horrendous - I'd be terrified to go anywhere near... her.

    And perhaps that cop isn't giving Santa a ticket. Maybe he's giving him his wish list.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas my dear Anthony - see you in the new year!

  2. Dear Ringmaster,
    wishing you a wonderful Holiday!
    Merry Christmas darling!
    xo as always~

  3. You had me on the floor laughing with this one. Love the way your mind works. Ha, I HATE wrapping gifts. Like everything I do, I go from one extreme to the other, sloppy or perfection. I think if I had a room where I could have all the supplies out and handy, I wouldn't mind it so much. It's dragging all that stuff out and then having to put it away that makes me ill.:)

    Have a wonderful Christmas. And I wish you lots and lots of magic for the New Year! I'll say it again, you’re a sweetheart!


  4. What's better for Christmas than an entertaining post from my adorable husband?! Poor sweet guy, all those hours of gift-wrapping... That masked She-Santa is the best thing (by which I mean worst) EVER. And there's a really neat old-fashioned illustrative quality to that second picture, where the boys are gearing up for bondage games. The best Santa of all is my "sAnta." :)

  5. Yikes! That's some good old-fashioned nightmare fuel, that She-Santa.

    "Bebe Keeler." You clevertrousers, you.

  6. Hi Anthony - sorry I only just now read your Santa post. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas! And I'll just go ahead and wish you a Happy New Year right now, if you don't mind!!

  7. Yes, just the mere sight of Bebe Keeler has always struck fear and terror in the hearts of those who have looked upon her, MoonDoggie.

    And it is for that very reason that I question why ANY parent would willingly hand over their beautiful young child to such a monster? Even if only long enough for a Christmas snapshot...

    And I suppose that you might be right about Santa's "ticket" being the cop's wish list instead. But just WHAT would be on a cop's Christmas wish list, anyway? Furry handcuffs? ;)

  8. Lenore!
    It's so nice to see you 'round these parts, again! Thanks for dropping in!

    It's been a while, so I will make a point to stop by YOUR neck of the woods and try to catch-up with you, soon...

  9. Thanks, Six!
    It's comforting knowing that at least YOU appreciate the way my sick & twisted mind works. ;)

    I have only one more thing to say about gift-wrapping... Gift bags! Throw your present in one of those, top it off with some tissue paper and you're good to go! There's also the optional stick-on bow which you can slap on the front of the bag, if you'd like. But that is strictly your choice, and by no means necessary. I tell ya, whoever came up with this decorative gift bag idea deserves an award of some kind! It has sure saved me from a lot of stress and frustration.

  10. Thank you, husband Tommy!
    But, of course, your comments are always just a wee bit biased... ;)

  11. Thanks, Matt!
    Some material seems to write itself, though.

  12. Hey, Heidi!
    Please, don't ever apologize for reading a post of mine "late". It just makes me happy that you DO, in fact, read my posts!

    Btw, I'VE been sooo busy with holiday festivities this week that I haven't had time to read many of YOUR Christmas-themed posts, either. I will catch-up, soon, though! :)

  13. Anthony - I love the way your mind works. Something truly "Psycho" about a Santa wearing a dainty wrist watch & a brown leather glove. Wow!
    Your blog, and comments you've given me have been a real pleasure, & greatly appreciated. Just keep up the great humor and love for life. You truly are the best ringmaster I know. Happy..happy New Year and wishing you a glorious 2010. x deb

  14. Wishing you the best 2010 darling!
    Stay fabulous & thanks for the witty comment as always. ps: to answer your question,well...have checked out youtube key words 'adoption china'. Well I was so teary eyed, mascara around my eyes, I looked like Panda! Anyway, who knows...
    I would love to adopt one day perhaps~
    There are so much love to give/share for sure!


  15. Your header photo caught my eye and I had to go back and read all about Santa's Village. How wonderful that you had the opportunity to experience it in all its glory. So sad those fabulous theme parks don't exist like they once did. Stan

  16. I LOVE THESE so 50s! follow me

  17. This post a big smile to me...great job...Dianne

  18. Thank you, Deb!
    I know that you must be going through an emotionally rough time right now, so the fact that you would take a moment to leave me such kind words makes it EXTRA-meaningful. :)

    I wish you happiness and Zen* in 2010!

    *Or at least a Zen-like, peaceful state of mind & spirit.

  19. Well, Lenore...
    I personally vote for adoption, mainly because there are already waaay too many children on our planet that need loving homes. But I can also understand why you might decide to put a bun in your own Easy-Bake Oven. ;)

    Whatever the case, if you ever DO seriously consider it, I think that both your quirky sense of humor AND your positive attitude would combine into the perfect MOM recipe!

    Happy, shiny New Year to you!

  20. Hello, Elegant Thrifter!
    Welcome to my circus...

    Santa's Village was, and always will be, a very special place to me. If ever there was true magic, it existed in that little village nestled amongst the pines of Sky Forest, CA.

    Of course, it was considerably more magical during my first visit as a wee lad. My second visit, right before the village was shut down and the elves were sent to the unemployment office, was nostalgic but also really quite depressing. Most everything we saw had fallen into such a bad state of disrepair it looked as if nobody had bothered to maintain the grounds, rides or buildings for years. :(

    Thank goodness for photographs and precious memories, huh?!

  21. Hi there, Savannah!
    I'm pleased that you like these vintage images. I have always been drawn to such things, myself. And I sometimes wonder if it's possible that I might've actually lived a previous life, back in the 1950s-60s? Who knows?!

    Anyway, I think you might enjoy many of my other posts, as I tend to use lots of vintage photographs and old-fashioned imagery. :)

    Stay tuned...

  22. Thanks, Dianne!
    I'm glad I made you smile! :)


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