December 3, 2009

Looking a little bit farther down the rabbit hole...

I'm so curious about 'Alice in Wonderland', I think I could BURST! Yes, we've all seen the trailer (You have seen it, right?), but that's just a teaser... Like only peeping through a keyhole. I'm more than ready to fall down that rabbit hole with Alice to explore all the wondrous things our delightfully twisted Tim Burton has dreamed into cinematic reality! But, sadly, we must continue waiting for that "very important date": 3/5/10. And when it does finally get here, you can bet I won't be late!

In the mean time, I want to share a few more Alice-related goodies that I've come across lately. The first three images are new movie posters that were recently released. The images that follow those are from a photo shoot that was featured in Vanity Fair magazine, back in August of this year. So you might have already seen the magazine shots, but maybe not.

Please, enjoy...


This is so very pleasing!

It's total eye-candy! Notice, if you
will, the Mad Hatter sitting at the
head of his table, waaaay in the
background (left).

Why, here comes Hatter, now!

Such a dapper fellow, that one...
Love the giant mushrooms, too!
Did you happen to notice Caterpillar
sitting on one (upper right), having
a smoke on his hookah?

Cheshire Cat, Red Queen, White

Queen and the Tweedle's. Don't
even ask which one is Dum or Dee
'cuz I have no clue!
I'm liking Carter's huge-headed
Red Queen. What do you think?


Photograph by Mary Ellen Mark

Mia Wasikowska, in character as a
teen-aged 'Alice'.

Photograph by Mary Ellen Mark

Johnny Depp, in character as the
very colorful 'Mad Hatter'.

Photograph by Mary Ellen Mark

Anne Hathaway, in character as the
beautiful 'White Queen'.

Photograph by Mary Ellen Mark

Helena Bonham Carter, in character
as the short-tempered and somewhat
clownish 'Red Queen'.

That's about all I can see for now. The rabbit hole is pretty deep, and very dark... Of course, I would willingly jump right in if it weren't for the invisible barrier keeping out riffraff like us from the real world! I just hope that the next 3 months go by quickly, and I'll bet Mr. Burton feels just as anxious. He probably can't wait to grant us access into his Wonderland, so we may all see the fantastic, mind-bending vision he has conjured from Lewis Carroll's original story.

Until then, I'll just keep peering over the edge trying to see whatever I can. Maybe, if I got a really BIG searchlight and aimed it at just the right angle... Hmm.

*All 'Alice in Wonderland' movie images, other than Vanity Fair photos, are Copyright Walt Disney Pictures.
**Photographs of Wasikowska, Depp, Hathaway and Carter taken by Mary Ellen Mark for Vanity Fair magazine.


  1. Oh, Anthony - I'm pretty darned excited about this film, too!! Can't wait! Thank you for your post. Loved the pictures.

  2. Hi Anthony ... we met in Paris at Dumbwit Tellher's amazing party ? ;) So glad ... love love love your blog ! Lisa

  3. Heidi, I was actually wondering if you'd seen any promotional stuff for the movie while you were in Disneyland, just a week or so ago?

    Well, did ya? Huh?

  4. Why, yes!
    Lisa Golightly, I remember you! You're the one I bumped into, literally, while running through Dumbwit Tellher's reception area. You and your over-sized wallpaper samples really saved me from quite an em(bare-ass)ing situation! Thank you, again.

    And THANK YOU for both visiting AND then choosing to Follow my circus! Your kind words were nice, too... :)

  5. I so want a cup of tea and to run out and buy a rabbit right now. I had not seen a lot of the photos from the upcoming movie & so happy you posted them. Tim Burton should do this story good! His creativity is amazing. Have always wondered what his childhood was like?

    Here is a blog from "Kitty" that loves Alice in Wonderland as much as you do & she's just as nice as you.
    Happy, fun weekend to you Anthony.

  6. Hi - Unforunately, I didn't see anything at Disneyland - I think I would have remembered it. But we didn't really even get to look at every single thing, either. :(
    (I'm ready to go back now.)

  7. Anthony, I so enjoyed these stills! I can't wait to see this movie! Kitty.

  8. Dumbwit, I thought long ago that Burton could do an incredibly unique version of 'Alice', someday...

    It just seemed like a natural fit to me. I hadn't imagined that it would be in 3D, but the technology has improved so much by now I'm sure it'll be well done. Aaand it's a Disney film.

    Thanks for Kitty's blog link, it sounds interesting. I'll check it out!

  9. It DID sound like your Disneyland plans got a bit messed up and rushed, Heidi. That's a real bummer. :(

    Maybe, next time you go back, we could meet up somewhere in the park and visit for a bit. Tommy and I live only about 5 miles from the Magic Kingdom. I don't know if you saw it, but there's also Downtown Disney which is right there next to D-Land, and it's basically an outdoor type mall with lots of restaurants and Disney-related retail shops. We could meet there for a bite to eat, if you wanted... Whatever. :)

  10. Hey, Kitty!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Dumbwit Tellher told me about your fondness for Alice, and about your blog. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but I will soon!

    A very merry unbirthday to you!

  11. Those pictures do look very exciting/enticing! But I have to say my jury (the voices in my head) & I are still deliberating about the oversize head on Helena. But it's Tim Burton, so I'm sure it'll be great.

  12. Tommy, you should know by now NOT to trust those voices in your head! Much less, talk about them in a public forum like this. Do you WANT to end up back in Bellevue?! ;)

    You sooo know that Burton is gonna "turn this mutha out"!

  13. I love these stills. Can't wait to see the movie!

  14. Migraine Chick, I hope that the 3D effect doesn't make your head hurt too much! ;)


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