January 11, 2010

Madonna "strikes a pose" for Dolce & Gabbana

I'm so excited! I just discovered this awesome new ad campaign Madonna did for the D & G Spring/Summer 2010 Women's collection, and she looks terrific! Quite Italiano, too. The photo concept was obviously meant to play off her Ciccone name, and I think it really works!

I'm no dummy, I do realize that some Photoshop wizardry must have taken place here. Notice her hands... do they seem a bit different to you? Let me put it this way, she hasn't been wearing gloves while performing on stage or in her videos solely for the sake of fashion. And what about her face? I'm not real sure where plastic surgery ends and digital makeover begins, if at all. But I must ask, has she always had cheekbones like that?! I'm afraid that she may be morphing into Cher.
Please, Madonna, don't let that happen!

As if anyone would ever see her washing dishes...

That'll do it for this Madonna Monday moment.
Ciao, baby!


  1. Anthony, I love and adore Madonna. But the only photo here that I thought looked like her was the last photo. I think Madonna is beautiful, but I really hope she doesn't take the path that so many in Hollywood take. I understand a little bit here and there, but they need to just age gracefully, not turn out to be freakish looking. She has always taken care of herself; that should help preserve her looks to a point. Also, she looks a little heavier in the first photo than I have have ever seen her? I have not seen her appearing on any shows as of late, so I can't really compare. Now I want to see her. Hopefully, the corrections in these photos were done in Photoshop, not in a doctor's office.


  2. I LOVE this campaign.Agreed that there's some digital wizardry going on but...WHO CARES!

    She looks fantastic, the clothes look fantastic and you can't fault the broad for getting some 'general maintenance' can you?

  3. One question...what the hell did she do to her top lip? I'm sorry but it looks like the Good Year blimp. She is so talented, why do they or she have to muck things up? Having said that, I must say, I wish somebody would photoshop this 56 year old face before I leave my house every morning!

  4. Anthony love your new header. They are always so good. I had posted a pic. of Madonna a few weeks back and I had some comments left that people thought she had cheek implants. Her face was always quite thin & now it's quite the opposite. I know we loose collagen as we age, so maybe she had a fill up? I loved this photos of her, but wish too she had taken the high road to less surgery. I see a Cher in the making as well. Hope you are doing well and work is not kicking you from behind? Happy 2010 to you x

  5. Those are certainly gorgeous photographs. I LOVE the crocheted dress. But - well, she does look different, doesn't she? She looks GOOD - but honestly I am not even sure I would have known that was her. All I can say is I wish I looked that good. Or that somebody could PhotoShop me into shape!

  6. I so hope that you're right, Six! Any major changes to one's appearance should be done ONLY in Photoshop, NOT a "body shop"! ;)

    Hollywood, media, advertising... they're all responsible for convincing people that:

    [A] You aren't beautiful enough the way nature made you.


    [B] Growing old gracefully is disgraceful.

    It's just sad, really. :(

  7. No, Townhouselady, I don't care as long as it is mostly JUST digital enhancements. I mean, if it's real, where does that "general maintenance" stop?

    Madonna has always been one-of-a-kind, and her looks are a big part of it. So I would really hate to see her change it all, only to end up looking like another Joan Rivers or Sophia Loren... OMG! Have you seen Sophia, lately?! Sooo NOT pretty. Very tight, but NOT pretty!!

  8. Well, Midcenturymadam, if you think Madonna's top lip is bad... Have you seen what Pete Burns (of Dead or Alive) did to HIS lips? YIKES! Check out my 'Freakshow Friday' post on him, if your interested.

    Regarding your 56-year-old face, even though I have no idea what you look like, I'm sure that you're much more attractive than you give yourself credit for. We do tend to be our own harshest critic...

  9. Thanks for the header compliment, Dumbwit!

    I "borrowed" this latest one from a lady on flickr (goes by the name: art.crazed) who posts tons of images from her own personal vintage children's book collection. The illustration is by Aurelius Battaglia, and it's from 'The Fireside Book of American Songs', 1952. Possibly more information than you cared to know, but I wanted to give the artist (and my source) some bit of credit! ;)

    Happy 2010 to you, as well!

  10. Oh, Heidi...
    You're much too self-deprecating! I saw those fairly recent photos of you, from your last trip to Disneyland, and I thought you looked great! And didn't you just reach your goal weight, after having worked so hard at dieting for months?

    You should feel good about yourself! :)


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