December 8, 2009

Happy Music: 'The Golden Age' by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

This unique Danish pop duo originated in Copenhagen, Denmark, during the Summer of 2007. It was then that composer/producer/bassist, Lars Iversen (right), met up with a former band mate and singer, Mette Lindberg (left), to play her some demos. She went home with his demo CD and returned the next day with some ideas of her own...

The pair immediately went to work, spending the rest of the Summer practically living, recording, eating, composing and sleeping in Lars' self-built studio in his one room flat in Copenhagen. Every night after a long day's work, they would end up drinking on Lars' balcony until morning. They were on a constant high, but at the same time slowly building a repertoire and a signature sound all their own. Once ready for the world, Lars and Mette decided to call themselves, 'The Asteroids Galaxy Tour'.

Obviously, the two of them are the main core of the band, but when they play live, the band grows into a six-piece that includes a full fledged horn section of trumpet and sax players, along with a drummer and guitarist.

You may actually have heard them in an iPod Touch commercial, back in September of 2008, when Apple featured their single, 'Around the Bend', in the background. As a result, that has been the band's biggest single to date.

I'm really diggin' their groove! This track, 'The Golden Age', I find especially infectious. It brings both a smile to my face, and a bounce to my knee. Then there's Mette's voice which is just totally unique.

Hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I did (I think you will). It's a bit of a trip! So sit back, relax and enjoy the short journey through their galaxy...

~Photo via Google Images~


  1. good old fun pop music. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. Whoa..I thought my dog slipped some acid into my hot cocoa & I was in Peter Maxx's studio. Can I be shallow to say I want Mette's hair?
    Now I understand what you mean by, "puts a bounce in your knees". Quite fun & do think I remember the ipod jingle. Life IS a circus when I visit your blog x

  3. I have been digging Danish in general,lately. Danish furntiure design, Danish art, Danish pastries (haha). Now I can add Danish music to my list; I really enjoyed this video/song!

  4. Wow, you know how I usually don't like female voices? She's an exception. I dig it. Then again, maybe only because this was the first time hearing it. Sounds like her voice might get irritating after a while, like she's affecting a Betty Boop thing. Hope not.

  5. You're welcome, Townhouselady!
    It's my pleasure to share these discoveries of such tasty audio/visual pop confection! :)

  6. Your cute little doggy wouldn't do a thing like that... would it, Dumbwit? I think I can see the Peter Maxx influence you were referring to, though.

    Yes, please feel free to be as shallow as a teacup saucer! The ladies up on the high-flying trapeze absolutely LOVE to gossip, so it's pretty doubtful that anything YOU might say could shock them.

    I agree, Mette's hair is awesome! But, if I were a girl, I'd totally want Alison Goldfrapp's hair. Are you familiar with her and the band, Goldfrapp? If not, I'm working on a post about them right now and should be publishing it soon. So stay tuned if you're interested...

    One last thing. Thank you so much for saying that "Life IS a circus" when you visit my blog!I could NOT imagine a sweeter, more wonderful compliment. You made my day! :)

  7. Ha-ha, leah! I guess you're just on a roll, lately... A Danish roll, that is! ;)

    I'm glad you liked both the music and the video.

  8. Matt, my friend!

    I'm VERY surprised that you like Mette's voice, even if only long enough to write your comment. But you WERE apparently impressed enough to say that you "Dig it"... and that's no small thing coming from you!

    I don't own anything by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour... yet, so I couldn't tell you if her voice "get(s) irritating after a while", or not. But knowing YOU like I do, I have the feeling that you're already sick of her!

    Thanks for popping in, Matt!
    Y'all come back now, ya hear?


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