September 24, 2009

I Got My Baby Box, Baby Box!

Several years ago, my mom gave me a big box of toys and nursery wall decor that were mine when I was just a wee, little Baby Anthony. My family actually called me Tony (and still do), but I tried to put a stop to that at some point in my teens when I had decided that Anthony sounded more mature. Besides, that is the name on my birth certificate!

Anyway, I know that it must have been a bitter-sweet moment for my mom when she gave me these things because she told me that she had been saving them for the day when I might have a child of my own. Well... back then, adoption by gay couples wasn't as prevalent as it is now (may not have even been legal), and she certainly knew a grandchild wasn't coming by natural means! So figuring it was a lost cause to save it, but also knowing how special it would be to me, my mom went ahead and handed over that magical box of babyhood memories.

It's interesting how I can remember some of the things perfectly, and others not at all. What really amazed me was the smell inside the box and on the stuffed animals. After lo these many years, it all still has a very distinct scent that (((WHOOSH))) instantly takes me back to the nursery. Fascinating, the way our sense of smell is so strongly connected to memories. It can almost evoke more than a photograph. Or, at the very least, the scent of certain things can conjure something that a photograph just isn't capable of capturing. Know what I mean?

Speaking of photographs, the one at the top is of my mom and me. Just thought I should clarify that in case it somehow wasn't totally obvious to everyone. And below you'll see a few that I took of two very psychedelic pieces of wall decor which came from grandparents on my dad's side. I imagine that they probably hung over my crib. The wall hangings, not my grandparents. When looking at them, keep in mind that I was born in the '70s!

Colorful enough for ya? Both wall
plaques are likely responsible for
why I'm so drawn to color...

This one is my favorite of the two!
Not quite sure if it's because of the
particular color combo, or that this
bear is cuter blowing bubbles with a
horn while wearing a nightcap?
Probably both.

That is all, for now. I plan to continue sharing the rest of my Baby Box contents as a series of exclusive posts, much like the 'Happy Music' and 'A Boy's Toy Joy' series!

Stay tuned...


  1. Awwww - Cute and colorful little wall plaques! And cute little you with your mom! It is so great to have things like that from your childhood. I am looking forward to seeing more!
    (I wish I had the flower pin your mom is wearing!)

  2. Thanks, Heidi!
    I love that photo! My mom's hair is sooo BIG, and that flower pin IS pretty great. Plus, I like how happy we look in it!

    It's actually an isolated portion of a bigger family portrait that also includes my dad and older brother. I just wanted to show the two of us, for now, because it was appropriate to the subject matter.

    Thanks, for popping in!

  3. Wonderful photo of your mom, she sure looked so happy & you were beyond cute! Those pieces are going to be heirloom pieces Anthony, continue to cherish them! xo*

  4. Baby toys - yay! I think those colors really did seep into your brain and stay there. And it's neat to see how smiley you were! Guess it's just part of who you are!

    Your mom looks so pretty and happy here, not to mention stylish. You should ask her if she has any of her vintage costume jewelry still that she'd be willing to give you. Then you could have a blog giveaway and attract hundreds of rabid vintage-wearing girls! To your blog, you know, not to you - I know you wouldn't like that :)

    Or, you could use the bits and pieces for assemblage art pieces. Cool....

  5. Thank you, Lenore!
    My plaques are totally priceless already, as far as I'm concerned. And you can "bet your bottom dollar" that I'll continue cherishing these psychedelically colorful, 1970s baby-time wall bears for as long as I live! :)

  6. Yeah, I'm onto you, Tikimama... ;)

    If you had things YOUR way, I would naively procure my mother's unwanted vintage costume jewelry, and then invite you over for another Arts 'n' Crafts session wherein I would "use the bits and pieces for assemblage art" and YOU would just squirrel away whatever you could into your purse, when I wasn't looking!

    Does that just about cover your plans for the next, BIG costume jewelry heist?

  7. Bwah ha ha ha! *evil chuckle*
    You know me too well, my friend :)


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