October 6, 2009

Saturday Night Gaga!

The time has come, my friends. After watching Lady Gaga's two live performances on SNL this last Saturday night, I have to admit that she's much more than just a fashion freak or a flash-in-the-pan pop singer with a big bag o' tricks. This Lady can actually sing quite well! And without any Auto-Tune enhancement! I was expecting her to just lip-sync everything, so you can imagine what an impression Gaga made on me. She also plays the piano, nicely! All of this along with bizarre costumes and fascinatingly odd dance choreography makes for a real unique talent in my book.

Lady's first performance on the show was of her hit song, 'Paparazzi'. I thought it was fantastic! She looked great, sounded great, and the way Gaga moves when she dances is just so... different. In a good way! When it was over I still wanted more, and anxiously awaited her second performance later on in the show.

"Oh, yeah, Lady Caca? Where do you think you'd
be if I, Madonna, hadn't paved the way before
you? Just give me that sad wig of yours and stop
pretending to be a female!"

Another fun, pleasant surprise of the evening was Madonna's cameo appearance alongside Lady G in the Deep House Dish skit. It was a little on the goofy side, but it's always kinda neat to see a couple of divas in a cat fight, right? Even if it was all just pretend...

And for the record, I thought that Madonna looked pretty damn good! I've been reading some not-so-nice comments in certain places, and I just wanted to throw in my two cents. For what it's worth.

Gaga's gyroscope left me all agog!
She actually wore this contraption through the entire second
performance, a medley of about 3 or 4 different songs.

When Lady appeared on stage for her second act, she was wearing the strangest, sci-fi movie prop-type-looking-thing! The closest reference point I can think of is a gyroscope. And as she moved around, so did the separate rings, moving this way and that. The thing had to take some major coordination, and lots of practice! Then, she sat down at the piano with the thing still on, and proceeded to play while she sang! Again, no lip-syncing or Auto Tuning.

When the show was over, I had the feeling that Miss Gaga was only just getting started. For a Lady who once seemed like nothing more than a cheap thrill or a guilty pleasure had now shown her true abilities to a much wider audience, and I believe because of that she will soon become an even bigger star! Keep an eye on her, folks. There's no telling how far this Lady will go...

~All photos via Google Images~


  1. Lurrrrve her!
    especially watching what she'd wear next, her style is out of the box fab for sure! Glad you are back posting darling!! xo* as always~

  2. I love to pretend to hate her! When she sat down at the piano still wearing that sci-fi contraption I was like, "Oh no she DIDN'T..." There were a few times when it looked like she was having to slyly rearrange her celestial rings, but somehow it didn't affect her playing. I wish her lyrics weren't so f*cking stupid, though. :)

  3. Yes, Lenore, the Lady certainly keeps us guessing! And I think that's a BIG part of the fun! :)

  4. Well, Tommy, you'll notice that MOST pop songs have "f*cking stupid" lyrics if you actually pay attention to them... But who really does?

    I think that a lot of people tend to like a pop song more for its sound & upbeat energy, instead of what it's actually about. Besides, you just admitted to only PRETENDING to hate Lady G! So that, in itself, can only mean one thing: Tommy really likes Lady Gaga, y'all!

  5. It kinda annoys me that I enjoy her music so much.

  6. Yes, I felt much the same way at first, Townhouselady! Back then, I just excused it as a "guilty pleasure"... But now, after having seen that she really DOES have honest-to-goodness talent, I'm no longer embarrassed to be so gaga over the Lady! ;)

  7. She was sexy as hell. I really thought she'd ditch the gyro, but have to give her props for playing in it. She stretched that medley a bit too far and got a bit repetitive for my liking, but I enjoyed much of what I heard.

  8. I know what you mean, Life With Dogs.

    The second performance DID seem to go on a bit past the normal comfort zone, and there were some jarring pauses of brief silence between a couple of the songs in her medley... BUT overall, I think that Lady G did quite an impressive job! Heck, just managing to manuever that gyro thing-a-ma-jig around with the ease and grace she displayed, should have won her SOME sort of an award!

  9. Listen Mister,

    I got a little award/fun project for you over at my blog so please go check it out.

    Gracias- THL

  10. This was the performance that got me to actually own GaGa albums. I was a sketchy fan at best before this SNL appearance. Once I saw her true talent I was hooked. Take away the goofy costumes & hair and she has the pipes to back up the hype.

  11. You certainly got THAT right, Wendi!

    But I wouldn't WANT to "take away the goofy costumes & hair". THOSE things are much too integral a part of the Lady Gaga equation! Besides, she wouldn't be near as fun without all of her theatrics!

    Uh-oh. I think the transformation is now complete, and I've become a fan for life...


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