September 11, 2009

A Boy's Toy Joy: The Kenner Sit 'n Spin

Who would've guessed that a kid could have this much fun sitting down?!

For a young child growing up in the '70s, there was really only one thing that came close to inducing the sensation of a mind-altering drug... and that was none other than the wonderfully dizzying toy for tots, the Sit 'n Spin. Actually, I'm pretty sure that I played with mine long after I was a tot. It was that much fun!

If you somehow missed out on experiencing this virtual "krack 4 kidz" firsthand, let me describe it for you. Obviously, you sat down on the thing. But you had to sit with your legs crossed (a.k.a. the now politically incorrect, Indian style position) for maximum effect. Then, much like the teacups ride at Disneyland, you would grab onto the middle disc and spin yourself silly, using every bit of your wee might and determination until you fell over! The resulting sensation truly was mind-altering, and very addictive. Had the television show Intervention been around back then, I would have made quite a suitable candidate!

There's been many iterations of this toy over the years, and I understand that Playskool is now making it, but both the quality and fun do not measure-up to the original. Lots of parents who knew the joy of Kenner's version when they were kids, now complain that the newer ones they've purchased for their children are made of cheap, thin plastic. And worst of all, they don't spin like they used to! Something in the current design seems to purposely prevent any wild and dangerous, seated spinning frenzies... I guess I was among the lucky ones who just narrowly escaped this rotating death trap!

~Toy photo via Google Images~


  1. WARNING- You shouldn't do this if you still have your headache!

    This was one of my all time favorite toys so I purchased one for my goddaughter. I wanted her to have the same euphoric experience I did as a child.

    The new one isn't the same. Does she know this? No. Does she LOVE it? YES!!

    Then again I'm still bitter and angry that you can no longer buy Jarts or Kerbangers. Remember those? I loved and survived both of them. Safety Schmaftey (says the expectant broad)!

  2. Townhouselady, you can still get Jarts (Why ARE they called that?) but they're now "New & Improved for your Safety." The tips of the darts were re-designed and are made of fat, bulbous looking plastic. They're weighted, too, which supposedly aids in the throwing of them.

    I think that you're right about the Kerbangers, though. Haven't seen those anywhere... Ever tried ebay?

    Btw, my headaches have improved, but I'm not out of the woods, yet. Some days, I wake up and my head feels like I've been riding on a Sit 'n Spin all night long! So, thanks for your concern and warning, but I won't be self-inflicting that sensation any time soon. ;)

  3. I think you're both making up "Jarts," and "Kerbangers." Probably imagined them, from spinning too long on the Sit 'n Spin! Anyway, I was sooo excited to see the picture of the spinning death toy on Pop Circus! I was also absolutely addicted to it, freakin' LOVED that thing, nothing equalled its dizzy euphoria. I also totally loved those hopping thingies, like giant rubber balls with a handle on top so you could sit on them. Remember those? I bet you do. :)

  4. P.S.- virtual "krack 4 kidz" is a perfect description!

  5. You've never heard of Jarts or Kerbangers, Tommy? You probably played with them at some point, and you just don't remember. Either that, or you weren't aware of their actual names.

    Speaking of toy names, I'm almost certain that those "hopping thingies" are called a Hoppity-Hop, but I'm no expert. Contrary to popular belief... ;)

  6. oooh...never had the privilege to try this...
    I was too busy cutting Barbie's hair- i was dangerous like that! Hope you are having a wonderful week darling...and no major headache anymore?! xo as always*

  7. Hey, Lenore!
    I'm sorry that you never got to experience the wonderful thrill of this rapidly rotating contraption. It really was a childhood highlight for me!

    I find it funny how you were one of THOSE girls that would chop off Barbie's golden tresses... Never did understand that. I thought it was sorta creepy, the way she'd look with all of her little hair plugs showing. Plus, I don't think Ken found her very attractive after that. Maybe, that's why he started spending more and more "quality time" with his best friend, Allan Sherwood? ;)

  8. somehow i never got to do this! damn my poor parents!

    but we DID have hippity hops and a green machine, so it wasn't like we suffered terribly.

  9. I remember these things, they were so damn much fun! I seemed to always spin long enough to get dizzy, then sick.:(

    Isn't it fun just remaining a kid.? Who wants to grow up anyways? I haven't seen the new ones, but I am sure they are not as great as the ones we had.:)

    Sent you an invite, finally.:)


  10. That's okay, drollgirl.
    At least you had both a Hippity-Hop AND a Green Machine! I just happened to be a Sit 'n Spin kinda kid... Although, come to think of it, I'm fairly sure that I also had a Big Wheel. For all we know, the two of us might've lived in the same neighborhood and wound up racing each other!

  11. Six, I'm glad to hear that you, too, once knew the joy that is called a Sit 'n Spin! Too bad we don't really have a grown-up version, huh? I guess the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups are the closest we're gonna get...

    Thanks, again, for the invite to your secret little hideaway! I promptly used it to peruse your eloquent verses, and then left you my thoughts. :)

  12. Dang it!
    I can never remember that "teacup" is ONE word, until AFTER I've already written it and hit [Post Comment]!


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