September 5, 2009

"OFF with (my) head!"

Lately, I've been suffering major headaches. Much more than usual. In other words, I've been miserable every single day for the last week-and-a-half! See, the last time that I saw my doctor I told him that I had been having real intense headaches more and more frequently than usual, and he asked me what I take for them. I said that I almost always take Excedrin, and sometimes more than once a day. Well, his professional opinion was that I was experiencing rebound headaches caused by the Excedrin! My basic understanding is that once your brain gets used to frequent doses of the high caffeine content in the drug, and then you stop taking it for a day or two, your brain throws a fit in the hopes that you'll take it again. Thereby, creating a vicious and oddly symbiotic cycle!

His remedy for this was for me to detox by not taking it at all for at least 2 weeks. And he warned me that it would be hell, much worse before it got better. Boy, was he ever right! It's been really tough! I usually have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but nothing could have prepared me for this. What I don't understand is, why wouldn't I just stop taking it for good, throw it away and never buy it again? If I went back to taking it, wouldn't the whole sick cycle start over? I guess that I should have asked the doc more questions...

Bottom line is, after about only 3 or 4 more days of this misery, I should be feeling a whole lot better. And I would be more than happy to permanently remove another drug from my daily medicinal regimen! In the meantime, let's have a good laugh with the following mix of both vintage ads and modern images, shall we? They do say that laughter is the best medicine!

"Poor Anthony" is more like it! But screaming
would just make my head hurt even worse.

"Will you pass the Brain Salt, please?
Mine is a bit bland..."

Just thinking about telling his
wife that he's really gay, made
his head hurt. Then he thought,
"Maybe, one of my boyfriends
will make my head feel better."

I love bulldogs! I hate headaches.

Just thinking about why her
husband never wants to have
sex, made her head hurt. Then
she thought, "Maybe, all he
really needs is more time out
with the guys, doing guy things."

This one's a bit creepy, but also fascinating. I
mean, it's like an x-ray of a headache, you guys!
And it's so pretty!

Maybe, taking off the hat and tie would help a little, grampa!

This is an old medical chart for trepanning,
a centuries-old surgical procedure that
involved drilling holes into a patient's skull.
It was believed to cure epileptic seizures,
migraines and mental disorders. Could you
imagine?! I need that like a hole in the head...

You have got to be a total sucker if you think
that this is gonna work! Aaaaand the television
commercial is so annoying it could make your
head hurt just from watching it.
"Head On... Apply directly to the forehead.
Head On... Apply directly to the forehead.
Head On..." Oh, just shoot me now!

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everybody! Remember, those of us who actually still have a job will be returning to work on Tuesday, so have some fun but don't go "losing your heads"!

~All images via Google Images~


  1. OMG, I feel so bad for you! I had a friend that had to go through the same thing and detox. he supplemented his detox with a popular "herbal" remedy (if you know what I mean). I'm not in any way recommending you do that, I just remember it being so bad he finally resorted to it.

    I loved the old photos. I had a major ankle surgery and to help reduce pain swelling from fluids around it my doctors recommended I take Anacin which I always think of as an old timey medicine. So any time I need to take one my husband always jokes Shall I bring you a cup of Sanka so you can take your Anacin? To which I always reply no thanks, I'd prefer a cold can of Tab.

    Sorry didn't mean to make this about me but I thought it might bring a chuckle.

    Fell better!!

  2. Ah, bless your heart! Gosh, I never knew over-the-counter pain meds would do this. So after you detox yourself of this nasty stuff, what are you supposed to do when you get a headache? I hope this ends for you soon and that you are feeling 100%. Headaches are a pain in the ass!!!

    The advertising is too funny! I love the "brain salt". I think I do need some of that.

    I haven't been on much this week. I make things and sell, had a few orders to get finished up this past week. I have a 15 year old coming in tomorrow, she will be with me for three weeks. OMG, what do I do to entertain a 15 year old??? I hope she doesn't want to get on a plane and go back home after 2 days.:)

    I'll get you added to my other blog today. I promise!

    Have a wonderful weekend darling!

    xoxoxo (you get an extra hug and kiss) (lol)

    P.S. Do feel better!!! Sending you healing thoughts...

  3. My poor husband. :(
    I'm relieved you're not considering trepanning as an option. I love the ads and your clever-as-always quips. That bulldog is adorable!

  4. So sorry to hear this...hope you feel better soon! The good thing is that you are not in a straight jacket! I'm such a pussy when it comes to pain...wait a minute that doesn't sound right?! errr??? Have a peaceful weekend darling, you & Tommy!! ask him to gently rub your head! (hmmm...again sounds not so right? or is it???) xo*

  5. Townhouselady, there's no need to apologize!

    I really enjoyed your comment. In fact, I loved hearing about the playful, witty banter between you and the husband whenever you take Anacin. Totally my sense of humor!

    Regarding your friend's "herbal" remedy, that's interesting that in can help headaches. I had no idea because I've never even tried that particular "herbal" substance. Can you believe that? I never did ANY kind of drugs when I was in school. It's sorta funny that I was such a clean-cut kid, avoiding drugs etc., and now as an adult I take lots of them! Although, none for recreational purposes. Just truly medical reasons. Pretty square, huh?

    Thanks for the concern and advice!

  6. Six, you really are a sweetheart!

    I'm thinking that I've decided never to take Excedrin again. The pain I've endured for the last few weeks would just end up having been a complete waste of time. And it's been way too intense to ever go through all over again!

    Is the 15-year-old one of your daughters? I know you told me you have two of them, but now I'm thinking that you said they were all grown up and living in other states. A granddaughter, perhaps? Well, whoever she is, 3 weeks with a 15-year-old could be a bit of a challenge. As far as keeping her busy and entertained, that is.

    I must admit, I'm a little envious because I think that you would be very fun to spend time with. If we lived closer to each other, we could just sit and talk about all kinds of things for hours on end, probably. Just a feeling... (I hope that doesn't sound too forward or creepy. And I hope that even just the mere suggestion doesn't violate some sort of BlogOsphere laws or etiquette.)

    I've said too much. I go now.

  7. No, dear husband, I would NEVER consider trepanning as a solution. Besides, I'd have to replace my boxer-briefs with "trepannies", and that just wouldn't be worth it... ;)

  8. Lenore, you're a riot!

    I will just pretend that you did NOT suggest my husband do something dirty for me... ;) But I have to say that Tommy DOES sympathize, and he helps me most anyway he can, squeezing the back of my neck or shoulders when I ask. Also, he's almost always willing to do the things that I just can't when I'm in a state of absolute agony. See why I married him?

    Thanks for your concern and well wishes!


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