August 20, 2010

Freak Show Friday: Fashion Faux Pas (EXTRA) SPECIAL!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... It's BACK by popular demand... I give you the ONE and ONLY original Freak Show Friday: Fashion Faux Pas SPECIAL! But, of course, this time it's a whole NEW mix of freaky-deaky fashion don'ts for you to enjoy... Have fun!

Megan Fox

This 2-dimensional, 1-trick
pony is gettin' old, people.
You can only rock the whore
act and look for so long before
it starts rotting.
Oh, her outfit? Yuck.

James Lipton

For the famous host of 'Inside
The Actors Studio' to walk a
Hollywood carpet event dressed
for an African safari really is
quite surprising!


Look! Here's our pungent li'l
darling of the air waves, again!
But just WHAT is that she's
got stuck in her teeth? Is it a
bit of broccoli, or a bean skin?
The poor dear... Someone
ought to tell her. And while
they're at it, they should let
Ke$h know that $he left her
$hopping cart double-parked
in a 'No Parking Zone'!

Michael Jordan

Does he have a starring role in
the upcoming 'Smurfs' movie
that no one told me about?
Brotha Smurf, perhaps?

Paris Hilton

Just... Eww!

Alicia "Lecy" Goranson

Hey, look! It's Becky Conner
from the 'Roseanne' show,
everybody! And, boy, did she
go all out for this, or what?
I think what must've really
happened was Alicia literally
rolled out of bed and just
kept on rolling down the road
to this event!

There you have it, folks. Just another short & sweet parade of bad celebrity fashions and the criminals who keep getting away with wearing them! Hope you enjoyed it.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! F.Y.I.: Somebody we all know and love is having a significant birthday party on Sunday... I promise a post w/pics and details is sure to follow, soon!

~ All photos via Google Images ~


  1. Great group of examples of, um, interesting fashion choices.
    I actually like Lipton's vest - but no, not for the red carpet!?
    And what makes Paris think everyone wants to see her unmentionables beneath the lacy top? I mean, keep a little to yourself. Geez. Whatever.
    Lecy at least looks comfortable - add an apron for baking day down on the farm, and I would be right at home in that one!

  2. This is so great! Hooray for Freak Show Friday: Fashion Faux Pas! That's so funny, the big red "NO" over Christian. These are indeed AWESOME examples of horrible fashion decisions. Paris just looks GROSS. Skeletal, leathery, possibly even slimy. Love the comment about Ke$ha's shopping cart, and the Smurf joke about Michael Jordan. Alicia's wearing a nightshirt, right? WTF?

  3. Again, very funny. Megan Fox, totally agree, she just has that slutty look no matter what she wears. It could be my grandma's sweater with a pair of pleated 80's dress pants and somehow, she's gonna look slutty. Ew.


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