August 13, 2010

Freak Show Friday: Fashion Faux Pas SPECIAL!

Come one, come all, ladies and gentlemen! The time is nigh, once again, for freaky fun. Only, this time we have filthy displays of freakishly shameful fashion on offer for your ridicule and amusement! Shall we begin?

Johnny Weir(d)

Okay, what is with that hair?!
It looks like a tiny friend of
Johnny's might just pop out
of it, as if it were one of those
BIG, cheesy birthday cakes...

Lady outfit + lady shoes = Go home.


I don't even know where to begin
with this troll! Did I just type that
outloud? Oops. But, seriously, look
at what is happening all over this
bloppy excuse for a reality "star".
And WHO, I wonder, told our darling
Snooks that her sausage legs looked
good squeezed into those atrocious,
mismatched* knee-highs?

*I know that it's "a look", but on her, I'd
rather not!


"Woo-hoo! I'm so fun and fancy
free! I do whatever I want, wear
whatever I want... I don't even
take a shower unless I'm feelin'
it, y'know?"

Um, yeah, we know. We can smell
you from here.

A.J. McLean

Help me out, here...
Is that really the aging former
Backstreet Boy, or is it just
Strawberry Shortcake on a
REALLY BAD day? The adorable
stockings are throwing me off.


Now, she MUST have been
auditioning for the clown act,
here, at Pop Circus, right?
All she would've needed was
a little bit of face paint and a
big red nose!

That's all for now, folks. "Short and sweet, in and out... Leave em' wantin' more!" Somebody said that at some point, somewhere. Don't ask me who, though. See, that's how I leave you wanting more. Good, eh?

Have a terrific weekend, everyone! I'm sure you all deserve it!

~ All photos via Google Images ~


  1. oh my...seems like some people will do anything to have people look at them!!

  2. Bloppy excuse for a reality star..I love that and thank you for nailing Trolli so perfectly. Loved reading it all!
    "...lady shoes = go home"... snicker!

  3. I know, right, Leah?!
    The current, rather gluttonous state of reality t.v. programming serves well to prove your point!

  4. Thanks, Julienonymous!
    I'm glad you enjoyed it! I write this kind of stuff with people like YOU in mind - people who I KNOW will appreciate it. Unfortunately, not all folks "get it"... But, hey, that's THEIR loss! ;)

  5. Zing!
    Never heard of Johnny Weir and didn't know who the other bloke was til you mentioned the Backstreet Boys.
    I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I know who some of the others are though.
    Wonder how much money they paid to look so bad?

    Oh and btw, thankyou so much for my blogcatalog review :)

  6. Hey, MoonDoggie!
    You're sooo welcome for the review. I was more than happy to do it, had fun writing it, and above all, you totally DESERVE it!

  7. Funny, funny shit! Johnny Weir, OMG! What the hell was he thinking!!!! And the backstreet boy, woa, he looks old and a little tubby - funny shit.

  8. Hello, and welcome, FFMag!
    Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you enjoyed this post so much. Knowing that helps me to NOT feel quite as guilty for being so mean and shallow with the stuff I write! Besides, it's too fun to stop!! And WHO really cares, anyway?

    Hee, hee... :D

  9. You are the next Mr. Blackwell Anthony. Snooki & Ke$ha..hilarious.

    I loved the quote from Blackwell in re; to Madonna years ago, "Let's be blunt, yesterday's Evita is today's Velveeta."

    Hope your summer is going well my friend? I've been a sad example of a good blogger & I'm sorry I've not visited enough.

    Cheers my dear ~ deb

  10. Oh, Deb...
    You don't ever have to apologize for visiting infrequently. What matters to me is that you DO keep coming back, eventually. Y'know? As far as I'm concerned, you're still quite a loyal blogging pal. And I thank you!

    Thanks, also, for your comment. That Blackwell quote is classic! I lol'd at that one, to be sure! Evita/Velveeta... Hee, hee!


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