March 18, 2010

A Boy's Toy Joy: The Fisher-Price Little People Play Family Action Garage

This was yet another toy that fascinated me as a young'un. And yes, it was also made by Fisher-Price. Why such consistant brand-loyalty when it comes to my childhood toy memories? Well, I certainly wasn't a label whore! Not back then. It must have something to do with [1] My parents bought me a lot of Fisher-Price toys, and/or [2] All of those toys were super colorful and real fun to play with! So it's easy to see why they made such an impression, and why I remember them so fondly.

For sure, the Little People Play Family Action Garage was definitely one of the best! I loved rolling the cars up and down the ramp, a lot. It was especially satisfying to "drive" one of them into the elevator, crank it up to the top level and then let it roll back down the ramp super fast, all 'Dukes of Hazzard' style! Disregard the fact that I was too young to know what 'The Dukes of Hazzard' show was, and forget that it wouldn't even exist until 1979. All that mattered to 5-year-old Anthony was playing, and having lots o' fun with that toy!

~Photo by Laura McConnell of Dog Bone Art~


  1. Anthony I had this too!! It was the best!

    I was a car obsessed little girl who had a big collection of matchbox cars and almost every holiday Hess truck. Now I'm a fan of NASCAR (odd for a NY'er but nevertheless).

    The weirdest part- I don't even have a drivers license. Figure that one out?!?

  2. No wonder little five-year-old Anthony loved it so much! Looks like a lot of fun to me, too!

  3. That's GREAT that your parents obviously weren't sexist when it came to buying you toys, Townhouselady! I'm sure, largely due to that, you're likely to be just as non-sexist when it comes to raising your own little Townhousebaby girl. At least, I hope so! What am I thinking?It's dumb of me to even doubt it, you seem like such a smart and sophisticated lady...

    But NO driver's license?! Really?!

  4. Heidi, if I ever find one of these (that meets my standards of condition), the two of us will need to get together and have a play date! ;)

  5. What a great toy that brings back even greater memories!
    I just loved watching the cars fly down that ramp & try to imagine what it felt like to be in a car going that quick.

    Fisher Price is about 30 minutes from my home & they have a toy museum which would really bring you back. There's something special about seeing old toys you thought you forgot about :)

  6. Color me envious, Leah!
    I would probably camp-out at the Fisher-Price toy museum if I lived as close to it as you do! At the very least, they'd all end up knowing me quite well there as a result of my frequent visits...

    Have I ever mentioned how much I like toys?

  7. Ooooh! I loved it, too! The bell when the elevator reached the top, the little gas pump, the awesome high-speed ramp, all of it! I think I also turned this one upside down a lot, and pretended it was something else entirely. I did that a lot, turning my playsets upside down or sideways.

  8. Tommy, the upside down and sideways turning of your toys was obviously an early warning sign of stranger things to come...

    Why, oh, why didn't your parents see it, back when they might have been able to do "something" about you? Err, I mean the PROBLEM! Yeah, that's totally what I meant to say... ;)

  9. About that drivers license...

    I grew up in NYC- never needed one. I kinda want one now but am too chicken (and LAZY) to go through the process.

  10. I think we all had one. Truly the elevator was the best. Great nostalgic moment; "Those were the days my friend". Hoping Anthony is swell?! xx

  11. Well, TownhouseMommy, I would think it's safe to say that you have more than enough on your plate, right now! And something tells me that trying to learn how to drive, especially in NYC, probably wouldn't be the best thing to do when you've got yourself a baby...

    Besides, you've lived THIS long without a driver's license. Why start driving now? I've actually heard about how much easier it is to both live and get around in the city WITHOUT an automobile. I assume that's mainly due to parking issues and major traffic. Plus, I'm sure you must know the Public Transit systems like the back of your hand, right? If that's not your style, I KNOW you can hail a cab!

    But I do have this to say: You strike me as the kind of woman who could do ANYTHING she made up her mind to do! If you really want to get your driver's license, just go for it! Don't waste any time being "chicken" or lazy about it.

    But if it were me, I'd try to find a babysitter who could watch my little one while I was out learning behind the wheel! ;)

  12. Hey there, Dumbwit!
    So you had one of these, too, huh? I'm not sure why I was thinking of this toy as more of a boy's thing...

    YIKES! You don't suppose that I'M sexist and just don't realize it, do you? Naaah! I just must not have been thinking straight. It's practically impossible for me to think "straight", anyway. If you know what I'm sayin'! ;)

  13. This was a fun set to play with as a child, and what made it more fun was that it rather resembled a parking garage at a shopping center near my home at the time! =D


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