May 13, 2009

Yes, I Like Madonna...

Liking Madonna does not make me gay. Nor does the fact that I am gay automatically mean that's why I like her. Make sense? The truth of the matter is that she is a very talented individual who I am drawn to because of her looks, charisma, confidence and music. I just happen to also be a dude who's married to another dude!

I've followed Madonna since her original rise to stardom in the early 1980s. I can remember the first time I ever heard her sing. She was on the radio and I thought that she was black. I guess that there was something in her voice back then that sounded "black"? It might have been just me, but I'd be curious to know if other people thought the same thing. Of course, now she uses her voice a bit differently, but it's still unmistakably Madonna. I know that she worked with a vocal coach while making the movie 'Evita', and ever since then her voice has been noticeably stronger.

This is from her 'Ray of Light' period.
That's one of my favorite albums, BTW!

My two absolute favorite Madonna albums are 'Ray of Light' and 'Confessions on a Dance Floor'. I felt that the latest, 'Hard Candy', was kind of weak. It does have a few gems on it, though! I like the tracks, 'Miles Away' and 'Spanish Lesson'. And, of course, the hit '4 Minutes' w/Justin was fun, but only for about 4 listens! I understand that she's continuing the 'Sticky & Sweet' tour outside of the U.S. through the end of Summer. I don't know where she gets all that energy! You'd think, even as fit and healthy as she is, that her schedule would be completely exhausting. I'm sure that it would be for us "normal" people. But Madge isn't just any mere mortal!

Here, she's posing on the 'Dance Floor'.

I seriously doubt that this dynamic performer takes any kind of enhancing drugs. She's just so into being like a super-human specimen that I can't imagine she would pollute her body in that way. Besides, how could she possibly keep giving such quality output if she was doing drugs? I think drugs of any kind would have such negative effects on her that it would be very outwardly evident.

I presume that Marie Antoinette was her
muse for this photo shoot. Either that, or she's
looking for a dangerous liaison...

I must say that Madonna seems to me like the definitive example of ambition. If only I could have a fraction of the drive she has... But I do wonder sometimes why she's still sooo driven at this point in her career? I mean, her monetary worth is in the millions upon millions and she's practically the biggest living entertainment legend on the planet! I guess that's not enough for her. And I'm glad it's not, because that seemingly insatiable hunger that propels her is what also makes her so unique.

This is an eye-opening read!

I'm sure, at this point, you must be thinking I totally worship this woman. But that is not entirely correct. See, I read the book that Madonna's brother wrote, and assuming that Christopher is telling the truth, I cannot like the private person she is at all! After reading about the way she treated him over the years, it makes complete sense why he would've written the book in the first place. Even if it is like his 'Sister Dearest' done out of revenge, you really can't blame him! I think that it was probably the healthiest thing he could have done for himself. It most likely did for him what it would have taken many years of therapy to do!

No matter how rotten of a person she may really be, I will always like Madonna for being the provocative and exciting performer that she is!


  1. I agree she probably doesn't take drugs. But I think maybe she's a terminator. Just look at her arms! She could crush my skull. She's also too skinny and stringy, and needs to eat some cheeseburgers and fries. Maybe a milkshake, too.

  2. She would NOT be like the skull-crushing "terminator" you say she is, if she ate junk food, Tommy! I think, maybe, you're just a little envious?

  3. I remember hearing that Madonna's big snack food vice was air-popped, unbuttered, unsalted popcorn. Sheesh.

    Anthony, WHY have we never seen M. in concert together?? Remember how fun it was to see Evita on that huge screen...and then there were a few of her other movies, too, that I, um, forget the names of!

    I agree with you on Ray of Light, and Hard Candy (TikiDaddy gets really mad if I leave that one out where the girls can see it). And you're not the only one who thought she was a black singer at first - I read that radio station people did, too, and were quite surprised to find out otherwise.

    *Tommy's afraid of Madonna, ha ha ha!*

  4. Well, Tikimama, I'm pretty sure that we've never seen her in concert because we can't freakin' AFFORD it!! Have you ever priced Madonna tix, before? It's completely INSANE! I'm not kidding, they go for hundreds... And at that, you're probably talking nose-bleeds.
    But if cost was NO object, you would definitely be the one I'd want to go with!

  5. These comments crack me up! :D

    I've seen Madonna in concert - na na!
    It was her Girlie Show tour back in 1993 - I got to go free as well (friend had an extra).

    I was a real Madonna wannabe in my 'youth' - desperately seeking susan to true blue type era. Have always admired her since but not into her music much anymore, despite the few odd songs.

  6. You were so lucky to have seen her in concert, MoonDoggie! And for FREE, no less!
    Did you used to dress like a Madonna wannabe, back in your "youth"? I probably would have if I were a girl... As a guy, I still wore a sort of hodgepodge "vintage thrift" look. I miss the 80s!

  7. I wonder what makes Madonna laugh? She can't be driven and focused all the time, right? maybe she lets herself lounge on the couch for 5 minutes or so, watches a little "Rock of Love"?

  8. Hey, Julie! Thanks for stopping by! It WOULD be great to know what makes Madonna giggle. Like, does she have a filthy sense of humor or a very dry, British type (to go along with her occasional "accent")? I tend to think she'd quote a dirty limerick before sharing a knock-knock joke...

  9. I was a bit too young to really dress like her but I did for fancy dress once. And I used to wear the black rubber bands/bangles up the arm and basically just prance about my bedroom wanting to be her.

  10. I hate to admit it, but I also did a good deal of prancing around to her songs, MoonDoggie! Is "fancy dress" some sort of event like a costume party, or something?

  11. Yeah - fancy dress = costume party. On this occasion it was a school fancy dress concert or something - can't remember the reason. I looked ridiculous. I had 'holiday Madonna' in mind, yet my mother did my hair more like 'true blue Madonna'. I'm sure nobody knew who I was trying to be :)

  12. Yikes, MoonDoggie! The 'True Blue' era Madonna look was my least favorite! 'Holiday' would've been MUCH better. I'm sure your mom did her best, though...


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