May 5, 2009

Laughter IS the Best Medicine!

I love to laugh and I think that most other people do, too. I say most because I've certainly encountered my fair share of humorless, old fuddy-duddies! That man above would clearly NOT be considered one... Why some people don't embrace every opportunity to laugh wholeheartedly, I'll never understand!

It just makes you feel so good, and research has found that laughter does actually increase the body's endorphin levels which then results in natural pain relief. The release of those endorphins also causes the adrenal glands to manufacture cortisol, which is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help arthitis sufferers.

But WAIT, there's more!

It's not unusual for people who've suffered long-term depression to recover through laughter. But depressed people aren't usually laughing, right? Well, I just recently found out about something called Laughter Yoga that is being used as therapy for these people. And it's working!

Laughter Yoga was first introduced by an Indian physician by the name of Dr. Madan Kataria with the help of his yoga instructor wife Madhuri, back in 1995. It's not only an exercise routine, but a complete "wellbeing workout"! It combines laughter with yogic breathing. Supposedly, anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on jokes or comedy if it is simulated as a body exercise. When done in a yoga group with eye-contact and childlike silliness, it inevitably turns into real contagious laughter.

The concept of Laughter Yoga is based on a scientific fact that the human body can't differentiate between fake and real laughter, so one gets the same physiological and psychological benefits! How cool is that?!

Another great thing about laughter is that it's totally universal, with NO language or cultural barriers. Largely because of that, thousands of Laughter Yoga clubs have been popping up in as many as 60 countries around the world!

I'm so excited about this that I really want to join the movement! As it turns out, just this last Sunday (like every first Sunday in May since 1998) was celebrated as 'World Laughter Day'. Grrrr, why didn't I hear about this sooner? There's always next year, I guess... I'd better go mark the calendar!

In the meantime, I plan to find out about the nearest Laughter Yoga club and join it. Maybe, I can even get a certain female friend of mine to come along? Just for laughs, of course!

Special thanks to Laughter Yoga International, the Official Website of Dr. Kataria, for the information about this wonderful topic. If you would like more info and/or want to know how you can "join the club", here's that site's link:

Sorry, about the clown...
This IS Pop Circus, you know!


  1. I'm doing my daily check-in, with Miss May on my lap. We see the first photo above, and she yells, "That's not Santa Claus!" Kids are always good as a source of laughter!

    I'd love to try out Laughter Yoga, sounds like so much fun, and so good for you. Have you found a local club yet?

  2. Anthony, you have the best laugh ever, so this is a perfect post from you. Your giggling is totally infectious, but not like the swine flu. If that laughing kitty is at the laughter yoga class, sign me up.

  3. If I lived out there, I'd totally go, at least once. Not sure I'm going to shell out $195 for the DVDs though.

  4. Tikimama, the nearest I've found one, so far, is in San Diego... That might be O.K. as a one time try-it-and-see, but certainly not as a frequent thing! I DO want to try it, though!

    Tommy, I can't guarantee "giggle kitty", but I still think we'd have a good time!

    Matt, I'd love it if you joined us! And I thought those pricey DVDs were only for training to be an instructor. I don't think the classes cost anything like that.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Btw, I made a button link for you, Anthony. I've posted it on my blog for you to take. I won't take offence if you don't like it but if you do, it's all yours.

  6. Oh my stars, MoonDoggie! Your (my) button link is fantastic! I can't believe you MADE me one! Thank you soooo much! Please, let me compensate you for it. Whatever you'd like, you name it!

  7. Hey no problem really. I had the font and thought it would be perfect for you. I noticed the border was a bit messed up so fixed it up a bit (reposted on my blog).

    No need to compensate - your continued support is more than enough. Then again, one of those mod pods I posted about would be nice, oh and...


    Thanks for the blog and shop plug too! :D

  8. Don't think I can swing a Mod Pod, darn it! But I will continue to support you because you're interesting, talented and NICE! Thanks for tweaking by button (Uh, not like that), now it looks even better!

  9. MoonDoggie wins nicest blogger of the month award! I love the new button, and will promptly switch it out on my blog. I'll put up the marriage equality one, too. I'll totally alienate my conservative followers, too bad! ;-P

  10. Laughter truly is a wonderful thing! I love to laugh, and I love the song "I Love to Laugh" from Mary Poppins!

  11. "Some people laugh through their noses, sounding something like this...". That is a great song, Heidi! Now, I want to watch 'Mary Poppins'! Oh, have you heard about the Broadway stage production? It's touring and it's in Los Angeles, right now. They say Mary floats out over the audience! How cool is THAT?! I really want to go!


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