May 24, 2009

Spending My Saturday at Traffic School

O.K., here it is! A wonderful 3-day weekend that I could REALLY use because I've been majorly sleep-deprived all week! I'm not sure what that's all about, but it surely isn't anything that a Saturday filled with relaxation and a few naps couldn't fix, right? Well, as lovely as that sounds, it did NOT occur. Why, you ask? My Saturday was, instead, spent at Traffic School.

Here, you can actually see the moment
at which the "cop" spots me breaking the law.
And he is not pleased!

I got a speeding ticket a few months back and it was finally time to "face the music". Fortunately, here in California, you still have the option to either only pay the infraction fee and it will go on your car insurance record (thereby resulting in higher rates) OR you can pay the infraction fee, plus a bit more, for the "privilege" to attend Traffic School and not have it go on your record. I obviously chose the second option and it cost me $300. Talk about "paying the piper"!

Here, he's giving the dreaded ticket.
I don't know why "I'm" smiling...

So, Saturday was when I had to go and serve my 8-hour sentence. And it DID feel like a sentence! The class itself is a breeze because all you do is sit and listen to the instructor, then watch a few videos. That part isn't difficult, whatsoever. It's just the fact that you're spending the better part of a beautiful Saturday sitting in a hot (No air-conditioning!), stuffy courthouse when you could be doing something else! ANYTHING else! But I guess that's probably the whole point, isn't it? I mean, they make it seem like the goal is to improve your understanding of the traffic laws so that you'll be a better driver, etc., but it's really just a punishment! And I think that paying the fine, combined with giving up 8 hours of your life, is probably effective enough to keep most people from repeating the same offense. Of course, not everyone.

Unlike here, class participation was mercifully NOT
required of us at my Traffic School!

I'm just glad that it's over and behind me! I hate having something like that hanging over my head. I've, now, done the time for my crime! Let's hope that I remember all of this the next time I feel the need-to-speed...

Oh, no! Look! Aunt JoAnne is getting a ticket, too!

Photo credits:
*Junior Traffic School (middle 3) by Nina Leen, 1951
*JoAnne Worley w/Cop from 'R & M's Laugh-In' t.v. show


  1. ~Been there & done that...;(
    I'd never ever-ever break the law again...errr??? Anthony darrrling, I was hugging & kissing my PC screen! You are the SWEETEST!! Thank you for the 'Love Boat' & making my DAY!- was singing along...lalala out American Idol next season???
    Enjoy the rest of the long weekend...sleep-deprivation gives us dark circles around the eyes(a.k.a Panda look!) get some ZZZ if you can okie! ~XO*

  2. Glad you liked the "singing telegram", LENORE! I would have "sung" the whole theme, but wasn't sure if you'd like that MUCH 'Love Boat'... A little goes a long way!
    I know what you mean about the Panda look, it's NOT pretty. But I just awoke from a long afternoon nap, so I'm on the road to recovery! Thanks for your concern!

  3. Too bad you weren't actually WITH Aunt JoAnne when you got your ticket. Might have been more fun. This is such a cute post, despite how dreadful the actual day was for you. :)

  4. Tommy, lord knows what sort of trouble Aunt JoAnne and I would've gotten into... We'd have probably been hauled into jail! But it sure would've been FUN!
    Glad you liked the post.:)

  5. Great NEW week to you Darrrling...Hope you had a good rest?! ~XO*

  6. Hey, remember the lovely Saturday we spent TOGETHER at traffic school? But did we even get to go to the same class?

    You're just lucky you haven't gotten caught all the times we've been out driving together, under the giddiness-and-ooh-looky-there!-influence. :D

  7. Yes, Lenore, I DID get some much needed rest! Thank you! I hope that "frantic attic" didn't wear you out completely...

    Tikimama, we ARE sooo lucky that we didn't get more tickets or ever end up in a car crash! When I think of all the times that Dr. Dither & Giddy Gal were behind the wheel laughing and swerving, then laughing some more... Yikes!


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