April 27, 2009

Show & Tell: Mr. Scoots

My dog is soooo cute and lovable that I just had to share! His name is Mr. Scoots, but we did NOT name him that because he drags his behind across the floor. No, he does NOT even do that! Tommy and I were thinking of the American Heritage College dictionary's definition of the word, as in "To go suddenly and speedily; hurry". He WOULD go suddenly, too, when we first brought him home from the pound! In fact, when we first got him home, he escaped out our front door and onto the busy street running toward certain death. And if it weren't for two selfless neighborhood kids that were able to outrun him, we might never have known the joy he's added to our life these last 8 years.

Our vet says that he is most likely a Terrier/Chihuahua mix and you can see the Chihuahua part whenever he gets nervous or emotional, as he will shake like a leaf! I tend to think that the Terrier part is a touch of Jack Russell. He looks a lot like the 'Wishbone' dog on the television show.

The famous book-loving dog and possible
cousin to Mr. Scoots, Wishbone.

A lot of the time he'll just sit and stare at me for what seems like an eternity. I like to think that it is just an adoring gaze, but he looks so expectant that I KNOW he wants something. It sure would be nice if he talked like Wishbone does. Then I wouldn't have to wonder what he's longing for. We could also talk about celebrities and their latest fashion faux pas (or in this case, faux "paws").

Of course, we have nicknames for him. Among my favorites are: Scooty-licious and Licky Licardo. The latter is used whenever he's administering kisses!

There is nothing quite like having a dog for a pet. They are just so loyal and completely trusting. I never will understand how some people can abuse them. They love us so unconditionally and I feel that they embody the true meaning of innocence. Dog IS man's best friend!

Yes, we let Mr. Scoots jump on the furniture.
Cesar Millan would not be happy...


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous dog! I am SUCH a dog person but have not got my own. Although, I did have family dogs when I still lived with my parents, I certainly don't have the right kind of home for a dog :(

  2. Thanks, MoonDoggie! I'll tell the Mr. you said so. What kind of dogs did you have with your parents?

  3. Hi Scooty-Scoot-Pants! This is one lucky dog, let me tell ya! Our poor three have to live outside and eat dog food, while the Mr. gets to sleep on the couch and lick plates clean! Guess that's the perks of being the only "little one" in the family!

  4. We've had a variety through my life - big and small. The last few were samoyeds and an australian silky terrier cross (or something like that) who lasted for years.

  5. Tikimama, are you insinuating that Mr. Scoots is spoiled? He used to be a poor little pound-puppy before we took him in, remember? He deserves a pampered life now!

    MoonDoggie, sounds like you've known some beautiful dogs in your time! Maybe, when you get that house you're longing for, you could be a doggie mommy again.

  6. These are such cute pictures of our little Mister. He's so adorable we HAVE to pamper him. But it's a good thing he doesn't talk, he'd be bugging us all the time. Well, he'd be bugging ME all the time if YOU weren't home. "Where's Anthony? When's Anthony coming home? I want Anthony. Is he coming home soon?"

  7. Tommy, the two of you could also talk about cookies & ponies when I'm not around! Although, Scoots would probably prefer to discuss biscuits and greenies...

  8. Awwwww da kyooty wooty pooty Scooty!

    *slaps self*

    Okay, I'm better now.

    But seriously, Scoots is the awesomest.

  9. Mr. Scoots thinks that you're pretty neat, too, Matt! In fact, he was just asking me the other day why you haven't been around. Then, just as I was about to answer, he suddenly took off running to another room and took a nap.


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