April 23, 2009

Happy Music: 'The Fear' by Lily Allen

I know that Lily Allen has been around a while, but I've only just recently taken notice of her. I guess that's because she got her start doing Ska type music, didn't she? Whatever it was, I didn't like what I had heard and duly "tuned her out". Sorry, Lily!

Pop music is much more to my liking so, of course, when I heard the song 'The Fear', I really sat up and took notice! It's such a fun, upbeat tune that I dare you to listen to it and NOT smile! And the same goes for the music video. She's just so darn CUTE! I mean, look at her in that video capture shot above. Her hair is great, what she's wearing is adorable, and just look at that trailer... so petite! Later in the video, she walks through a big fancy mansion while butlers, gigantic presents, and balloon-people (?) dance around her. It's VERY pleasing!

I haven't heard the rest of the new album, 'It's Not Me, It's You', but my understanding is that the whole thing is just as "poppy" as this first single. If so, count me in! It certainly warrants further investigation...

WARNING - Explicit lyrics!


  1. What to my wondering eyes do appear? It's Anthony's first real post - yay!

    You did the link correctly, and the video is adorable. There's a lot of skipping going on! My favorite part is the big dancing presents. I look forward to hearing more from her (she's news to me!).

    I haven't done a embedded video yet, but I believe it's on the Add a Gadget list. I bet you'll figure it out before me!

    Can I link to you NOW??! :)

  2. Yes, link away, Tikimama! I'll have to figure out how to return the favor.

  3. This is such a perfect format for you and your busy, curious mind. But as far as Lily and her fear, WHAT is she afraid of??? She doesn't look very scared.

  4. I "fear" we might never know, Tommy! But, I would venture to guess that she's probably referring to the fear one can have of their inevitable death. More specifically, dying without ever finding out the TRUE meaning to life. See, if you listen to the lyrics you'll realize that most of the things she's singing about are pretty shallow topics. But then, she gets to the chorus and it's all about not knowing what's right and what's real...
    "And when do you think it will all become clear? 'Cuz I'm being taken over by the Fear"
    Seems like a statement about what really matters in life. That's my interpretation, anyway!

  5. Hi There! Suppose you could call me a friend of Tikimama's :) (we seem to show up in all the same places).
    I couldn't view that vid (not available in my country) but I know it quite well. Lily's quite famous over here in England - got her start on myspace.
    To add a video to your post look to the right in youtube and there is an 'embed' link you can copy (If you click the little gear icon you can change size and colours). Then paste it into your post - but you need to be on the 'edit html' tab rather than 'compose'.
    Hope this makes sense - Nice to 'meet' you :)

  6. Hi, MoonDoggie! Thank you for the video tip, I will try it!
    Had no idea Lily started on myspace. Sort of goes to show what a little do-it-yourself promotion can do, with the help of the internet, of course!
    I hope to see you around these parts again, sometime...

  7. I'm back - thought you might be interested in her new song, 'Not fair'. I'm not a massive Lily Allen fan but I find this really catchy.

    You'll see me again - I'm a 'captivated spectator'. :)


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