April 23, 2009

PLAYmobil, not GAYmobil!

One of my favorite toy makers ever, Playmobil, just released a new line which is 'Wedding' themed. Being a gay man who is married to his husband, I zeroed right in on the fact that there are NO same-sex couples being represented. It's all just completely hetero! Now, I don't have a problem with straight people ("Some of my best friends are breeders"), I just think that in this day and age it ought to be more commonplace to see EQUAL representations of marriage. Even when it comes to toys!

In fact, the earlier our children are exposed to ALL "walks of life" the better! Racism and homophobia are learned attitudes, like any form of hatred. So obviously, things can be done to try and avoid more hateful adults, like creating toys that include EVERY example of real life. Not just examples of what conservative society prefers! And I believe when things are presented to children as just facts, without prejudice of any kind, they accept them as such.

Playmobil is based in Germany and I have no idea what their overall climate is in regards to gay people and equal rights. But, I did write them an email to express my viewpoint. I hope that my opinion is taken seriously and that I'm not the only one they hear from.

If you'd like to contact Playmobil and tell them what you think, here's a link:
You'll first get a page asking for age verification, and you'll have to give them a few bits of info. But, after that, you can write and send them your message. Thanks!

Going to the chapel of heterosexual love!

Just LOOK at "Liberace" on his white piano...


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! Remember when Barbie was only a white girl? Same concept. I so look forward to when all of the negativity about same-sex marriage is behind us. I hope that Playmobil listens... I'm sending my letter now!

  2. Hey! Now slatemtngirl is getting here before me!

    You KNOW I agree with you. I can't believe that giant church playset - wow. Do they have a courthouse, too? :)

    Idea - give us Playmobil's contact info, to make it easy for all us lazy, er, busy people to write them our opinions, too!

  3. Thanks, Margaret! Oops, am I NOT supposed to use your real name, slatemtngirl? Maybe you're in a Witness Protection program, I don't know...

  4. You are totally right, Tikimama, I should have provided an email link to Playmobil! Why didn't I think of that?! I'll see if I can add that to the post without screwing anything up. Oh, and I knew I'd be "preaching to the choir" when you read about it!

  5. Yay, I can read your blog from work! The district doesn't filter it! I'm glad you're spreading the word about Gaymobil.

  6. Double yay, Tommy! The school district seems really inconsistant about what can get through the fire wall, huh? Not that I'm posting questionable material... yet!

  7. I misspelled inconsistent. Weird thing is, I couldn't find it in Webster's dictionary! But, I looked it up online and it WAS there.


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