April 19, 2015

Movie Moments: 'Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away'

Do you like Cirque du Soleil? I sure do. In fact, I've seen about 3 of their LIVE touring shows as well as this here beautiful movie. I know that's not really very much, but, then again, I didn't say I was a full-on Cirque FANATIC. I guess that you'd say I'm more of an average, casual fan. At any rate, the bottom line is I really enjoy their shows. I mean, talk about your eye-candy! Cirque has it in spades! However, if you're not very familiar with this mystical world of colorful theatrics and extraordinary talents, 'Worlds Away' is just the perfect place for you to start.

You see, the story simply begins with a pretty young lady who's entranced by an aerialist at the circus. Then, just when she has seemingly befriended the flying young man, they suddenly fall into the dreamlike universe of Cirque du Soleil and are separated. Then they must travel through the many different tent worlds to try and find each other. And that's how the viewer gets a perfect sampling of what Cirque is all about because each tent represents a different one of their themed LIVE shows. But by no means are ALL of their shows displayed because, to date, they've expanded to more than 19! And about 5 of them, alone, are currently showing in different places around Las Vegas. It's really quite a phenomenon, if you ask me.

Did I happen to mention that there are NO animal acts involved? None in the movie and none in ANY of their shows. It's nice and refreshing, not to mention a lot more humane. Anyway, I enjoyed 'Worlds Away' quite a lot. It really captures the wonder and spectacle that is Cirque du Soleil. However, just know that seeing it on screen (or your TV) is NOTHING at all like the excitement you get seeing it LIVE. Even though when it was being shown in theatres it was presented in 3D, it just couldn't possibly compare to the LIVE experience. So if you ever get the opportunity to see one of the shows, grab it! You won't be sorry. But in the meantime, check out this film; it's absolutely magnificent.

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  1. I'm glad they don't use animals too, but I'm not sure about their inhumane treatment of French Canadians. I think I should be upset, but why does it bring me so much glee?


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