November 24, 2012

SOUND + VISION: 'Madness' by Muse

I am crushing HARD for this band right now! Muse, an English rock band that has been together since 1994, had always been one of those groups for me that I'd hear on the radio and think, "That's a cool song...", but for some reason would never actually buy the music. And I'm not really sure why? Of course I'm kicking myself, now. I mean, when you think of the time I wasted NOT listening to all of their awesome rock, it's really a pity. With a flair for dramatic intensity and guitar riffs that could send shivers up one's spine, it's no wonder they've had such long-term success. Needless to say, I finally DID purchase their latest CD titled, 'The 2nd Law', and it is AMAZING! Please, listen and watch a sample of their greatness above. It's the first video to come from the album and it's for the first single, 'Madness'. Enjoy!

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