October 30, 2012

Finally, all moved in... to the garage!

Yep, that's pretty much what OUR garage looks like at our new home. You can hardly get around, and forget about parking a car in there! It's really odd to think of the fact that just about everything we own is boxed up and sitting out there just waiting to be unpacked and given life again in a whole new environment that we now call "home".

Of course, we HAVE been chipping away at the stuff, bringing a few boxes into the house here and a few there. But the problem is, just because it enters the house does not guarantee a box will get immediately unpacked. It's all just SO overwhelming, you guys! Know what I mean?


  1. Hi Anthony! Hi Tommy! Hope you had a fab Thanksgiving. I DO know what you mean about how your move and unpacking is overwhelming. You'll get there, slow and steady. I haven't moved in awhile - but I am overwhelmed with my STUFF - and I mean, it is BAD. I keep shopping at thrift stores for things to sell, but I don't have the time to price them and get them into the shop. And my collections are completely out of control. I have a really hard time letting things go - but I have to make myself do it.
    I am REALLY looking forward to seeing your new home, inside and out as the two of you evolve into the whole "truly moved in" phase. Little by little, and you will get it done, and I'm sure it will be such a wonderful feeling when you get there! I will just have to be patient, waiting for pictures! Hugs and a Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you!

    1. Sooo wonderful to hear from you, Heidi! We did, in fact, have a very nice Thanksgiving. It was a "relatively" small gathering with only a head count of about 12, but the food was most excellent! My mother-in-law (Tommy's mom) prepared it all and it could not have been any better. I hope that you and yours had a pleasant Turkey Day, too.

      I totally know what you mean about having "a really hard time letting things go". I was determined to be ruthless while sorting through stuff, but so far things AREN'T leaving the house via trash or Goodwill like I'd planned... It just isn't easy. Period.

      Regarding photo posts of our humble abode, I've just sorta been lazy about it. Plus, we recently got a new computer (iMac) and I haven't figured out how my camera will work with it, or if they're even compatible at all. So your patience is GOLDEN and I appreciate it very much! I CAN promise you that I WILL figure it out... eventually. One way or another.

      Talk to you again, soon, I hope! Take care and ENJOY the holiday season!

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