March 13, 2012

On the Dark Side: A clown's notice of departure

Hello, friends! I must inform you that, today, the tent is dark. But not in the traditional way. No, the tent is definitely open for business. Er, uh, SHOW BUSINESS, that is! And we certainly have something to show you. It's just that what we have to show you is a bit on the darker side of things, especially compared to our usual fare. But remember, this is Pop Circus. Even dark things seem lighter here, somehow... That having been said, I also want to strongly preface this next presentation with the fact that NO ONE here at the circus finds the subject of suicide to be funny. This is simply an experiment in absurdity. I mean, who takes the time to write out their suicide note AND illustrate it rebus-style?! As far as I know, only one very sad clown named Happy.

Just click on each page to enlarge...


  1. What on earth?! Where did you find this? A rebus-y farewell note is kinda funny, I've got to admit. I do agree with Happy that kids now-a-days are so much more jaded...

    1. Well, Tikimama, I didn't find it... I created it. Thank you for asking. Also, I'm glad knowing that SOMEONE out there got my twisted sense of humor and understood what I was trying to do.


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