March 24, 2012

Ain't nothin' but a clown dog!

I absolutely LOVE dogs, so I thought it would be fun to see what some of them were up to out 'n' about the internets. Here's a bunch I found just "clowning around"...

Yikes! I'm not JOKING,
this one is scary!

        Won't you laugh for
sweet Snuggles?

"Do you like my rrrruffles?"

"I really need a drink!"

I've heard of the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat,
but THIS is ridiculous!

~ All photos via Google Images ~


  1. You're right. Scary clown dog IS scary! Holy crap, I expected it to say "why so serious?" at any moment.

  2. This is the best blog post ever. I feel like we should all do something nice for sweet Snuggles. I hope you return to this very important topic in the future! MORE CLOWN DOGS! ;)

  3. Yikes! My favourite one is the first pic with rainbow hair :)


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