October 16, 2011

Retro Book Fair: Walt Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland'

As a child, this book was magical to me. And it still is, actually. There's just something about the artwork in particular. The colors... the painterly style... it all comes together and creates this perfect fantastical world. And I doubt it would've affected me the same had it not been a Big Golden Book edition. That big beautiful storybook enveloped me and took me to a place like no other - Wonderland!

Aside from the cover image, I've also included specific pages here which I can remember seeming particularly special to little Anthony. Pages that I'd tend to linger on just a little while longer than the rest, my imagination buzzing with colorful intensity.

Easily the most iconic moment
in the story, and my absolute fave!

For some reason, both the water
and bubbles REALLY fascinated me.

I loved getting to see
inside White Rabbit's house.

This page is awesome. I loved
how the thatch roof of the
cottage doubles as Alice's hair.

The garden of talking flowers...
Another beautiful and awe-inspiring
sight to behold!

Our brief trip through storybook Wonderland ends here, for now, folks. But check back periodically because you never know when I might decide to go again...

~ Unfortunately, no specific art or illustration credits are given inside the book. It's all just credited to Walt Disney Studios. If anyone happens to know names of individuals, please contact me. I'd like to give credit where it's due. ~


  1. It was fun sliding down the rabbit hole into this 'Wonderland' storybook! I love the art... my fave storybook as a kid was the Golden Book, "Little Red Riding Hood." Just loved that story. :-)

  2. I have that Big book - and I love it, too.

  3. I have that book too the earlier art is so much better than the newer version .


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