September 23, 2011

Freak Show Friday: Richard Simmons

Where DOES one start with Richard Simmons? Hmm. I know, I'll just be blatantly honest. Okay, here you go... The man absolutely frightens me! I've NEVER liked his WAY over-the-top prancing about, or his iconic shorty-shorts and fancy tanks. And just his overall faggy presence gives me the creeps. I know that last statement must seem pretty harsh, if not a little confusing, coming from another gay man and all, but you must understand my viewpoint.

I'm well aware of what an incredible motivator he has been for lots and lots of overweight people for years, and that really is great, but at the same time I feel quite strongly that his mincing, prancing, and screaming only perpetuates gay stereotypes. And I can NOT stand anything or anyone that perpetuates gay stereotypes, especially when it's SO up in your face like Richard's antics are! When he's "on", of course.

Here, Mr. Simmons is covered in poof balls. Just
in case there were any lingering doubts...

Please, don't get me wrong. I don't hate the man, I just can't stomach him! There IS a difference, you know. But it can be a fine line at times.

Now, THIS is just tutu much!

"You are clear for take-off."

So, there you have it - another Freak Show Friday AND my brutally honest opinion about a famous old queen who so desperately needs your attention!

P.S. - I'll try and be a little nicer to my next subject. Maybe, if I can...


  1. Holy CRAP these pictures you've found are terrifying! He is a perfect subject for Freak Show Friday. The tutu picture alone is nightmare-inducing. And yes, you're very mean to him. But I totally understand. Has he actually admitted being gay? Or is he one of those old-school queens who are as obvious as a giant flashing neon sign, yet won't actually go on record?

  2. I heard that sometimes he gets all "butched up" and goes incognito to various sporting events and gets into fistfights with belligerent assholes who yell racist/sexist/weightist/homophobic slurs, and that he usually ends up kicking the other guy's ass quite handily in fact.

    He of course brings a "friend" along who takes pictures of the fights so that the next morning he can post the results on the interwebs taunting the guy. "You got your ass kicked by Richard Simmons! Live that one down, you ignorant hater!"

    Okay, that's not true, but holy crap, wouldn't that rule?

  3. I gotta say I like Richard - he was and is guru to many struggling with weight and low self esteem. yes he can get his freak on and it's fun . and Matt that would rule. those who are bullied need a hero.


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