June 30, 2011

My infatuation with the 1950s housewife

Just what is it about the perfectly idealised American housewife of the 1950s that so appeals to me? Yes, I'm gay, but does that really make much sense for a reason? I mean, wouldn't it make more sense if I was straight? I am, after all, attracted to images of women dressed in some of their finest wardrobe, cooking and cleaning to their heart's content.

I guess when it's put that way it does sound pretty gay, huh? Oh, well.


  1. Anthony, oh Anthony I do adore you! I'm fascinated too, maybe I'm gay? Wouldn't we all love to live in the 50's as an adult? Yes I was born then but I couldn't participate in cocktail parties and watch the Beatles sky-rocket to stardom. I wish I were a MOD living in London and riding around on my skooter, wearing black leather. On weekends, I could don the apron and the sexy sheath dress and the Mrs. Clever pearls.

    Happy pre-4th Anthony, hoping you are very..very well? xx Deb

  2. Twice baked potatoes, check!
    Casserole, check!
    Stuffed peppers, check!
    Alien tortoise roast, check!

    I can't help but think that if you could find that range in good condition, it'd fetch a small fortune.

    I go back and forth on the '50s housewives. Some of them look like they'd be tigresses once they got out of the kitchen. Others, like this swell example here, look more Stepford and as though they'd be confused by most of what I'd say if I could speak to them.

    Unless, of course, I used my Transcontinental accent, in which case we'd have a lovely conversation, I'm sure.


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