February 15, 2011

I just didn't Ga-ga-get it!

Okay. First of all, let it be known that I am a BIG Lady Gaga fan. And up until Sunday night's Grammy performance I pretty much thought she could do NO wrong... But then she arrived in that giant egg, ala Mork from Ork ("Come in, Orson"). However, I will admit that I was just as intrigued as everyone else was by the elaborate stunt. I mean, that WAS a pretty great way to make an entrance! It did beg all sorts of questions, though. Everything from like, how did she get in there? And, how is she breathing? To, what if Gaga's gotta poo-poo? Surely, her team thought of such things ahead of time and took the necessary precautions. Right? Let's hope so.

What?! I do NOT get the hat.

When it finally came time for "Gegga" to hatch, I felt it was a bit anticlimactic. At some point between the time she'd made her grand entrance and when she appeared onstage, Gaga obviously traded in her previous mode of transport for one with dramatic, interior track lighting and a sliding moon roof. Thereby allowing her smooth "eggs-it" and transition into her number, 'Born This Way'. But when she stepped out, WHAT was with the big yellow hat?? I expected Curious George to come crawling out after her! And the Madonna 'Blonde Ambition' ponytail... Puh-lease! She sure worked THAT into the dance choreography! I swear, she swung that tail around so hard and so often that I thought for sure it was gonna fly off and hit Aretha Franklin in the face! And she wasn't even there!!

Ugh, that ponytail...

I must say, the Lady has a pretty slammin' body, and it was quite evident thanks to her tight, barely-there, latex wardrobe. But WHY did she (and all of her dancers) have to sport that weird, pointy, body modification look? The sharp shoulders and jagged facial features just seemed over-the-top to me. And besides, isn't 'Born This Way' supposed to be an anthem about being proud of WHO and WHAT you REALLY are? The way you were BORN, not the way you try and MAKE yourself for whatever reason? Don't get me wrong, I'm ALL for creativity and drama. That's what drew me to the Lady in the first place! It's just that I think she's sending out mixed messages, here, with this one. You know?

Love those glass pipes, but what's with the multiple
heads on the organ? Again, with the mixed messages...

When it was all sung and done, I couldn't help feeling like Gaga had phoned the whole thing in. The performance just hadn't seemed Grammys-worthy to me. And after having shown up in an EGG, I think lots of people were probably expecting something a bit more FANTASTIC. Overall, I'd say this egg turned out to be pretty rotten!

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  1. I hadn't even thought of the Mork from Ork comparison, but that's perfect! I also liked "eggs-it," and the allusion to Curious George's Man in the Big Yellow Hat. I think you're right (as you suggested later to me) that the stupid hat was supposed to be like a "yolk." But it was way awkward. I really do not like the weird body ridges/horns/whatevers. Just didn't look good. And if she truly was in that egg for most of the day, then it must have been one stinky-rotten egg indeed by the time she emerged.

  2. All I can think of is "this is spinal tap" and their fiberglass pods. Not good.

  3. So what came first, the Gaga or the egg? That's what I want to know... The first time I saw on American Idol, I had to change the channel--FAST! She just does nothing for me... but I do like her "Poker Face" song on Xbox. LOL! Funny post!

  4. Hilarious write-up, A! I agree, and Doug was also disappointed and dismissive. We were both repulsed by the pointy shoulders. Looks like she's been doing her sit-ups! I got that the hat was like a fried egg, but I think she should have gone all the way and injected some humor and made it look super fried-eggy. and the song is just "Express Yourself" redux. That said, I liked the camp and drama of the egg being carried in, and how her handler said she was "incubating" and couldn't do any interviews. Too funny about the ponytail flying off and hitting Aretha..har.


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