December 6, 2010

"Hey, Santa! Whatcha sellin'?" - The jolly old elf in advertising.

How can anyone say "No" to a face like that? Besides, it's freakin' Santa Claus! And WHO doesn't like him?? Well, if YOU don't, go play on the freeway. You're dumb! Plus, you'll probably get coal in your stocking...

Anyway, for the rest of us who DO still like good ol' Saint Nick, I've compiled a gallery to display just some of the finer examples of his contribution to advertising. This would also be considered an "old skool" edition, mostly because I don't think any of these ads date past the 1960s. Oh, and F.Y.I., these are only the tip of the iceberg. As I continue to sort through and find more gems, I'm sure the urge to share will be much too hard to resist! So, for now, please enjoy what I've collected below.

I really like how colorful this is! And how great is it that
the "train" is actually one of the Christmas crackers?!

I think the detailed artwork in this is very
impressive! Love the lettering font, too!

As if Santa wasn't already huge enough with
everyone, here he's quite literally HUGE...
He's a GIANT! Just look at how he towers
over those rocky mountains beneath him!
And I'm sure it's because he eats lots and
lots of Sunkist Seedless Navel Oranges!

I can't even tell you how MUCH I absolutely
LOVE this image! It just makes me HAPPY
in all sorts of ways! Even just the name
"Ribbon Candy Rocket" makes me giddy...
Yep, I'm gay.

I like this, but what I DON'T like is how
Jack and Betty just demand, "Bring us
Tinker Toys." WHERE, may I ask, is the
"Please" in that request? Hmm? I think
Santa ought to skip their house!

Isn't this great? I just hope that was the
LAST house on Santa's route...

Again, another very pleasing one to me!

I don't know about you, but a Thermos has
NEVER been on MY Christmas wish list.

It'd sure be a shame if all Santa was carrying
in his bag-o-tricks was Colgate products, huh?
He'd BETTER have some toys in there, too!

Not sure if this is from the 1950s or '60s, but it
rings early '60s to me, for some reason. Is Santa
actually demonstrating that the television is
slightly narrower than his own waistline?
Could that really be a selling point?

This is quite nice.
It reminds me of Santa's Village!

Well, that'll do it for today's gallery, kids. Check back again, real soon, to see what else is NEW at the circus! In the meantime, try to relax and enjoy the holiday season. "See" you later!

~ All images taken from the book, 'Christmas: Vintage Holiday Graphics'. Edited by Jim Heimann. Published by Taschen. ~


  1. Oooh, I LOVE this post!!! Such excellent images and witty captions! I am also appalled that those good-for-nothings Jack & Betty have such poor manners. The Santa with the bag of Colgate products cracked me up. I would be FURIOUS. I would kick his ass right back up that chimney. I also think the thermos-selling Santa is really creepy. I hope you post more of these!

  2. I absolutely loved this post, too! I can never get enough of vintage holiday advertising! Thank you for posting them, Anthony - such fun!!

  3. Thanks, Heidi!
    I know what you mean, these old ads are like candy to me... And I don't know about you, but I can never eat just one; I gotta have 'em ALL!

    Hope you're enjoying the holiday season! Have a merry one if I don't "see" you before then! :)

  4. Bring me some damn Tinker Toys, Santa!
    Anthony, what a great post! Love the images, they make me feel nostalgic and Christmasy. I want to climb into a peppermint candy rocket. yes, that's too weird that Santa is showing us how wide the tv is...sounds like a pitch meeting that went wrong. As always, love your clever writing!

  5. Thanks, Julienonymous!
    I'm glad I could help you feel all "nostalgic and Christmasy."

    Hope to see you soon!
    Rojelio's Hard-ons, perhaps?

  6. your illustrations are the best !!!!
    brings back many memories.
    thanks . Happy Holidays

  7. Thank you, Wreath Witch!
    As I'm sure you know (but I feel I should clarify), I certainly can't take any personal credit for any of the wonderful images or illustrations seen here. I just merely compile and share it all for everyone's collective enjoyment!

    Thanks again, though. I'm glad it sparked some good memories for you! Happy Holidays! :)


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