November 11, 2009

Now, I'm even MORE Gaga over the Lady!

Man, there's just SOMETHING about Miss Gaga that gets me excited! But not at all in that way... She's such a dynamic performer, and really different than most. If you've read some of my past posts about her, you know that my first impression was not a good one! In fact, you could say that I didn't think of her as being much of a "lady" at all. Nor did I really think she was very talented. But I've been hooked ever since those impressive live SNL performances she did! I saw the light, my friends. And it's very bright! I gotta say, "Gaga's got the goods!"

And she just keeps bringin' it. Within the last few days, she released a new music video for the first single, 'Bad Romance', off of her forthcoming (mostly) NEW album, 'The Fame Monster'. It's actually Gaga's first album, 'The Fame', along with 8 brand NEW songs! I guess the NEW part is the 'Monster' part. Here's the track listing of those 8 songs:

  1. Bad Romance
  2. Alejandro
  3. Monster
  4. So Happy I Could Die
  5. Speechless
  6. Dance in The Dark
  7. Telephone
  8. Teeth

The album's release date is November 23rd, and if 'Bad Romance' is a good indication of how the 7 other NEW songs are, we're in for a real treat! In the meantime, please enjoy Lady Gaga's NEW video for 'Bad Romance', below...

Needless to say, I'm crazy over this video! It's soooo odd in just the right ways. I love most everything about it. My favorite part, though, is the burning bed, especially when Miss Gaga is standing in front of it! That is outrageously sexy symbolism, kids! Go ask your parents to explain it to you. I'm busy.

Gaga 4 Eva! Long Live The Lady!
Thank U 4 playing. C U next time...


  1. Oh my goodness I am OBSESSED with Lady Gaga!!!! I have watched the video for Bad Romance at least 10 times!!! SOOOOOOO EPIC!!! I can't use enough exclamation points to describe my love of it, haha!

    I was hooked from the get go though unlike yourself. I am a dance music nut and was so excited to see a new pop star come in the scene. Lady Gaga fulfilled that lack of good, true, pop, dance artist for me from the get go.

    So, I'm so happy to hear that you are an uber fan like myself!! I can't wait to hear more from the new album :)

  2. Actually, I DID find Gaga's music to be quite catchy and fun at first, Emily. That was how she got my attention - on the radio. But I figured her voice was all Auto Tuned.

    Then, I started seeing her in magazines, videos, etc. and didn't know what to make of all her weird fashion statements... So I basically dismissed her as a dumb, talentless, attention-grabbing one hit wonder. Boy, was I ever wrong!!

  3. I quite like that she confuses people and wears odd things.
    This video is interesting to say the least and the song is catchy although I couldn't help thinking the 'I want your love rah rah rah' sounded like ELO (ie Don't bring me down no no no) then it changed again.
    Keep on keeping on Gaga!

  4. I didn't know they still made music videos!? (I'm old)
    From what I've seen, she reminds me of Bjork,a little. Is that too obvious?
    My husband really digs her & Pink. I haven't had time to really give her a listen, but that video is amazing!

  5. I guess I can sorta see your ELO comparison, MoonDoggie. But wasn't it 5 "No"s instead of 3? I seem to remember, "No, no, no, no, no" and then a, "Woo-hooo!"...

    Anyway, I agree that the confusion factor is a fun one. I really enjoy Gaga's guessing game! Keeps things fresh & interesting.

  6. Leah, you are NOT that old! If I remember correctly, you're even younger than I am! Geez!

    I think one might just call it being "out of touch" with whatever's going on in popular culture. You made me laugh with your, "I didn't know they still made music videos!?" comment. Now, if THAT isn't out of touch... ;)

    I don't know about the Bjork comparison, she's pretty unique. But maybe in that same sense of total uniqueness they are similar? Gaga certainly has HER OWN thing going on! As does Bjork.

  7. Yeah I know there were a few more 'no's involved but that's about where the comparison to ELO ended.
    I came back to say this is actually the second time you've introduced me to a song that got stuck in my head (the other was the Royksopp one).
    Lovin' your work ;)

  8. Why, thank you, MoonDoggie!
    That's a super-nice compliment!

    You knew that I was just being persnickety about the ELO lyrics for fun, right? I'm not ALWAYS that anal about things.

    It's nice to hear that you're REALLY liking some of the music I've been sharing. I'll have to go search my bag o' tricks for another song to get you hooked on... ;)

  9. Well, it's been a long long time since I've been around.:( Have missed you, terribly. Trying to fill the empty spaces...

    Love this song/video!!!

    Wanted to come by and leave a beautiful person some xoxoxox. How are you doing???

  10. Oh, Six!
    I've missed you, too! And I'm so glad to see that you're feeling well enough to visit. :)

    I don't know if you got it, but I sent you an e-mail via the link in your Blogger profile. Does that even work right? It looked kinda funky to me... Anyway, I had just wanted to send a note to tell you that you were being thought of and wished well.

    I was also a little concerned about where your head might've been, considering everything you've endured. So I am really, REALLY glad to hear from you!

    Thanks for the "beautiful person" compliment, by the way. Although, in my opinion, YOU are the beautiful one, my friend.

    Don't ever forget that!

  11. Uh, WOW! What would I do without you, Anthony darling, to keep me somewhat in the current pop scene? I really didn't think I was all that interested in the Lady, but you have changed my mind! This video is incredible and the song is super sexy. I saw those horrible/weird shoes she is wearing in a few shots on some other blogs a while back, and it's cool to see them in action. The bald cat totally freaked me out! Guess it goes with the Brazilian these ladies must have in order to wear such costumes. Oh, to be young and skinny again....

    Hope all is well with you guys. I've been m.i.a. because of work, illness and down-in-the-dumpsness. You have done a superb job of cheering me up, as always!

  12. Ha ha - yes I guessed your 'persnicketyness' was in jest. I actually LOLd at the way you wrote out the nos and woohoo.
    I was also a wee bit tipsy when I left that last comment so probably didn't write as eloquently as I could have.

    News of the Gaga (Bad Romance) is beginning to spread and I heard it from you first! Nice one.

  13. Well... long time, no see (or read), Tikistranger! It's nice to have you drop by!

    That's cool how you're appreciating Miss Gaga more now, like I do. I think she'll end up swaying a lot of people, eventually, who weren't sure what to make of her at first.

    Of course, there will always be haters like Tommy! He thinks her lyrics are really dumb, and he cannot get past that. He IS right, they are pretty dumb. But I made the point to him that MOST pop songs have dumb lyrics. That's largely why they're classified as pop songs in the first place, right? That, and the upbeat music. Pop music is supposed to be light and fun! Who cares if the lyrics aren't "poetic"?!

    I'm sorry you've been down-in-the-dumps. You know, you can call me once in a while... It would be a good distraction for you, and it might actually do some good (i.e. talking, laughing, etc.)!

  14. MoonDoggie, it's satisfying to know that you heard about/saw the Gaga 'Bad Romance' music video here first! Thanks for telling me! :)

  15. I GIVE!!

    I'm officially enamored with Miss Gaga and all because of Bad Romance.

    Great Video, Great Song, Even Greater McQueen Shoes- McGasp!!

  16. I love the visual of Lady Gaga
    love her videos even the early ones
    she and her designers get the Factory look from Andy Warhol and the glam rock feel.

  17. She'd be alright if she lost the clown garb and other gimmicks.


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