February 22, 2012

Movie Moments: The Artist

My husband, Tommy, and I took my mom to see 'The Artist' for her birthday and, boy, were we ALL glad that we did. It was such a fun, up-beat (except for a portion near the second half), "feel good" movie that you almost want to see it again as soon as it ends. Yep, it was that good!

Being that it is a silent film, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the audience behavior wise. For example, I didn't know if people eating snacks would be too noisy, or whether people would be rude and talk? Fortunately, we didn't experience ANY of that. Although, I must say that the accompanying musical score probably did help a bit in that department... Speaking of the music, wow! It was absolutely beautiful, and I will definitely be acquiring the soundtrack soon.

Jean Dujardin as the always dapper
and incredibly charming, George Valentin.

Berenice Bejo as a very peppy, Peppy Miller.

The basic plot summary is as follows:
It's 1927. Arguably Hollywood's most admired movie screen idol, George Valentin, is enjoying the success of his latest picture, The Russian Affair. He enjoys his work and the adulation he receives by being a movie star immensely, as witnessed by how he hogs the spotlight during The Russian Affair's post-premiere bows. Peppy Miller is an aspiring young actress, who literally runs into Valentin at the premiere, which ends up being the launching pad to her Hollywood acting career. The advent of talking pictures brings a reversal to their fortunes as Kinograph, the movie studio where Valentin is under contract, is looking for fresh faces such as Peppy Miller to star in their talking pictures, while Valentin resists the entire notion of talking pictures. Peppy, who appreciates everything that Valentin did for her career, tries to help him as much as she can, but Valentin may have to decide on his own where and if he fits into the Hollywood machine, one where he doesn't think people want to hear him speak.

Now, like I said, that really is a very basic summary. It doesn't even make mention of "the dog", and he alone is so adorable he practically steals the show. One good thing, though. I just read online somewhere that the doggy actor (Uggie) who played the part actually won an award (like a Golden Globe, or something) for Best Canine Performance. How cool is that?! I can't help wondering if an Academy Award might also be in his near future? He certainly deserves it, in my book!

Adorable Uggie plays the role
of George's canine sidekick. 

These two are practically
inseparable throughout the movie.

John Goodman as the head studio
executive at Kinograph Pictures.

A young new starlet on the rise to fame and fortune...

In conclusion, let me just say that, "You NEED to see this picture!" It's a fun, light-hearted romantic comedy that I think even people who don't like romantic comedies would still end up liking. It's also fresh and different for these times. I mean, "feel good" movies of this magnitude and quality don't come along very often, so catch it on the BIG SCREEN while you can. You'll be glad you did!

The End


  1. Uggie! I love that picture of him. You know me, I'm not the "feel-good movie" type, but I really did enjoy this one. And I'd love to see Uggie give an award acceptance speech. ;)

    1. I know, Tommy! I'd also love to see Uggie arriving at the Oscars in his own limo and then walking down the red carpet. I wonder who he'd take as an escort? You think Esther could pull it off if we put her in just the right dress?

      Maybe, I should start making some calls... ;)


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