September 4, 2010

My BIG 40th BIRTHDAY circus celebration!

August 22nd, 2010 is a date that won't soon be forgotten (not by me, anyway). My dear mother-in-law, aunt-in-law (?), and husband all threw a fantastic circus-themed 40th birthday party for me that just about blew my socks off! They thought of everything, and they did it all perfectly. The food, the decorations, the cake, the music (circus band, natch)... It was all totally wonderful! Even the pinata (yes, I had a pinata for my adult 40th b-day party) was incredibly circus-y.

An intimate gathering of 15, everyone was either close family or friends. A good, fun time was had by all, and people kept saying how impressed they were by everything.

I was told this is the latest and greatest
pinata available on the market, today... Well,
of course. Would I rate anything less??

Here's a good shot of some fun party favors: Barnum's
Animal Crackers, various noisemakers, and peanuts
(masquerading as popcorn).

This was my wonderful birthday cake! It not only
looked festive, it was delicious, too!

"Smile, you're on Candid Camera!"
This is my good friend, Matt, amused by something, as
other party guests march into the kitchen to get their
fair share of lunch.

Being that I was the piggy, err, I mean guest of honor,
I was given the first spot in line for grub. And, boy, was
it good grub! Barbara and Wanda really know how
to prepare a tasty spread!

Okay... How cute is this??

Many colorful circus posters, like
this one, were hung up as decorations

My bff, Lisa, and me.
F.Y.I. - In case you happen to be
familiar with the blog, Atomic Tea
Party, you might find it interesting
to know this is the same Lisa who
hosts that wonderfully kitsch soiree.

Me, my mom, and my husband... ready to eat!

Gift time!
I absolutely dug all of my gifts, but
some did stand out from the rest. Like
this one, for example. It's a vintage,
Fisher-Price cow named, "Bossy Bell",
and both her tail wags and bell rings
when you roll/pull her across the floor.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen...
It looks like Wanda and Barbara are finally getting
to fill up a few plates of their own. Thank goodness!
I'd swear I didn't see either one of them sitting down
during the party, they were so busy being such
excellent hosts.

Pinata time!
Here, my mother-in-law, Barbara, is blindfolding me
so I can take the first few "whacks!"

"Alright... Now, what?"
I swear, I wasn't really that clueless.
But it sure looks like I was, huh?

Many tried before him, but only he knew the sweet
taste of victory! Yep, that's my husband bangin' the
bejesus (and all the goodies) out of my beautiful birthday
pinata... Oh, well. Someone had to do it!

The birthday photo gallery could go on, and on, and on... but I think I've tortured you long enough, now. Thanks, if you managed to stick it out this far! Also, "Thank you, again!" to Mom, Aunt Wanda, and Tommy for all of your hard work and dedication which made the difference between a regular old party and a fantastically fabulous 40th! I love you all!

~ Birthday Clown via Google Images. All photos property of Anthony See. ~


  1. You deserve nothing less than the absolute best life has to offer, my handsome and adoring husband! We all love you very much. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! How lucky you are to be surrounded by family and friends on your special day. And what a party! Cool pinada.

  3. Oh, Anthony - that looks like SUCH a fabulous party!!!
    May I wish you a VERY belated birthday, my blogging buddy?!!
    I can SEE that it was wonderful!


    What wonderful friends and family you have. It looks like a fantabulous party. My only critic is that i didn't get an invite :)

    BTW- thanks so much for your sweet and wonderful comments. Particularly about my cat. It meant a lot. Really and truly. You are a gem.

  5. That party looked like a blast.
    I'm sure my invite must've got lost in the mail or something...;)
    Nice to see Tikimama alive and well too.
    So glad you had a good time.

  6. It sure looks like you guys had a great time! I think you definitely satisfied the kid in you with this celebration! To 40 years and beyond!

    1. Hello, Serge!
      Thanks for the well-wishes (even if I am closer to 43 now than 40)! No matter, I'll still take that extra "40 years and beyond", thank you very much!



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